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10 Reasons Dr. Ben Carson Would Make A Good President

1.0 Carson understands the American health care crisis

Carson has worked as a doctor for more than forty years, and has a good understanding of what the system entails. The American health care system faces a myriad of challenges ranging from management, rogue medical care insurance providers, discrimination in health care, and increasing operating costs. Carson will be capable of articulating his principles, especially those touching on private health care savings plan to improve the current healthcare standards to better ones and reduce the burden on the federal budget. Every American and especially those from humble backgrounds look forward to affordable medical costs and private plans rather than public plans will do, and Ben Carson can champion the course.

2.0 He believes in flat tax rates.

There is no such a burden as that of equality. The taxation system of the United States tends to punish those earning meager salaries and commend those with larger salaries. It defeats logic to have a person with high salary contributing almost the same amount with those of the high-class society. Ensuring the tax is proportional across all income levels is a good sign for equality and will ensure the federal government collects more revenue. As he has suggested, a 10-15% of a person’s income is doable, and this will ensure the comfort ability for all even as Americans pay taxes.

3.0 Carson is a Christian

The founding fathers of the American constitution based a considerable part of the government and the constitution on biblical principles. This meant that the biblical set of rules and laws that are guided by the people would bring about morality in American lives. Freedom and self-government can only survive in a moral society, and Ben Carson is such a person to ensure this continues by changing the moral decay that can now be witnessed in the American society. Carson will not force his beliefs on others, but will be under the guidance of set rules and laws.

4.0 Carson embodies the American dream.

The US is one of the most culturally diverse nation the world over, and this follows the fact that it has received a considerable number of immigrants in pursuit of the American dream. Carson grew from rags to riches by utilizing the opportunities the US offered him, and grew from a not so-good background to one of the top neurosurgeons in the country. This aspect of his life is likely to enable him to make sound decisions regarding the many culturally diverse people living in America and appreciate what the country has to offer to any citizen eager to work hard for success.

5.0 He has a good work ethic

The white house should be a place for those who understand good work ethics and able to capitalize on the opportunities available to make America better. Ben Carson has a real world work experience following his service I the private sector. As a result, he understands the value of hard work, and he will use this attribute to get rid of the many bureaucrats in the American system threatening to fail the country.

6.0 Carson believes in judgment by character content and not skin color

The recent past has seen the American government dwell on race issues instead of focusing on bigger issues that are of pertinence. Playing the race card has been a commonplace thing for a while now and it is time to stop given the consequences it brings. Carson will turn around things and ensure free flow of ideas and hence important conversations that are likely to touch on important topics that will improve the well-being of all Americans.

7.0 Carson respects life

Right to life is a precious liberty that every American is entitled to, and thus, need to be reclaimed and protected. Carson’s argument on abortions means more than protecting the unborn children, who, in every way, have not done any harm, to wider aspects of life as that one who values life. It is common sense that a person who respects life acts on his beliefs and values, and is more likely to act with more wisdom when it comes to the lives of those living. Therefore, in case of threats and wars, Ben Carson will act wisely when it comes to defending the nation.

8.0 He advocates a free market system

The free market system brought forth the current innovations as it spurred creativity. For instance, Carson points out that the financial crisis that happened in the 1990s was due to deregulation of Wall Street, and he states that without, interference the financial crisis would have been avoided or could have had little impact. Judging from this argument, Cason is a believer in competition. This means that he is likely to work with competitive people in the government and do away with the bureaucrats that derail the American nation. In the end, America would reclaim its past glory as a world leader in innovation, which is a pre-requisite for any country that needs to succeed in the current world.

9.0 He believes in American individualism and independence 

American individualism and independence significantly contributed to propulsion of the country to the world stage, and only those who believe in these ideals can ensure the same happens, which will be good for the country in terms of filling he gaps in the country’s economy, unemployment, and education status.

  1. Carson is not politically correct and he has guts

Speaking against evil is his thing, and this is evident in his speeches, interviews, and books. Having a president with such ideals will mean the public gets to know the right thing and the wrong thing just the way it is for he speaks right head-on without fear or fail.

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