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6 Reasons Why Photography Is As Much Fun As A Person Can Have With Their Pants On!

After last week’s whiney blog about how much photography sucks donkey balls, I need to explain why I go through all those horrors and play the photography game!

First off photography forces me to explore new places! I love getting in the car, on mass transit, or in an airplane for a destination I have found on a map that I have never explored! The photo below was taken at The Singapore Botanical Garden.

Photography tips photo

Before I became a photographer, a botanical garden would not be on my list of places to visit. As a photographer, a botanical garden offers an endless variety of beautiful things to click!

Photography offers a hobby/career that a person will never master. Well at least I never will, but I am not the sharpest peanut in the turd! There are always new technologies, new things to click, and new styles to try. Photography is a great cure for boredom!


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A third reason I love photography is that it is an active hobby/career. Photography gets a person’s ass off the couch, forces you to put down the smart phone, and start burning some calories. The photo below required a 2,000 mile hike in deep snow. O.K. maybe it was only 1/4 of mile, but it was at 7,000 ft. elevation and dammit it got the heart a pumping!

Photography tips photo

The sport of photography helps a person meet a lot of interesting people. While I was taking the photo below, there was a couple standing next to me also observing the amazing sky over Brisbane. After a bit of chatting the couple invited me to hoist a pint. I love beer and enjoy listening to Aussie’s speak, so I was in!

Photography tips photo
The fifth reason I love photography is because there is always lots of stuff to buy. A person can spend hours looking at photography equipment and dreaming about the amazing shots that could be captured using the newly purchased equipment. Who doesn’t like new toys?

The last reason I love photography is because it allows a person to create. We all love art as kids. For some reason we grow away from art. Early on it was obvious I would always suck at drawing or painting of any kind. My stick figures never got better. But with photography I can create something that is unique to me! The photo below is my creation and I am the only one in the world that has it! I love this thought!

Photography tips photo

Now I could go on and on about how awesome photography is as a hobby/career, but I think any of the 6 reasons above is enough for a person to have a blast with photography!


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