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The Thrill of Sports photo

A Barrage of Sports Topics

US Open Recap:

The Thrill of Sports photoIf Jason Day would have somehow come through and won the US Open after having a share of the lead going into Sunday, it might have been referenced every time in this column from now until I missed my picks for the The Open. Great efforts J. Day. You are my new favorite golfer. But I really feel bad and yet don’t feel bad for Dustin Johnson. I feel bad because no one wants to three putt, especially since the first put was to win & the second putt was to force a playoff. He had not three putted all day. Man that was brutal! Now if you believe the stories that he was banging tour player’s wives, hopped up on coke and still managed to marry Paulina Gretzky, than you would know that Karma is a witch and so I don’t feel bad from him.

Women’s World Cup Soccer:

There is one glaring difference between the men and women playing soccer. When the women are tackled or pushed or undercut, they keep playing. When the men play and they are tackled, pushed or undercut, they fall to the ground as if shot by a cannon. Why is this? Can anyone tell me? If the women played the men in soccer and if the men are pushed down, would they still act like they tore every ligament in their knee? What about the women? Would anyone really question if they were hurt when tackled or pushed down by the men? I really want to start liking soccer, I mean, my family follows it, my friends follow it, but I can’t do it because of the way the soccer players take a dive on each touch. However, I am in full support of Team USA in the World Cup and hope they can win it.

The Thrill of Sports photo

NBA Draft:

The Thrill of Sports photoI hate to say it, but who cares about this draft? There really is no player head or shoulders above anyone else in the draft. When sports personalities are trying to convince you that a foreigner should be drafted 3rd, 4th or 5th you know it is not going to be a good draft year. Besides, the NBA draft is a joke anyways. It is the only sport that drafts on potential and not prior results. How can a freshman that averages 4.2 points in college be drafted and a senior who is averaging 22 points a game doesn’t even get a sniff of draft status? Out of the top 20 scorers in the 2014-2015 season, only one person is projected to be drafted… RJ Hunter. Guess what number he is….. 20. How is this even remotely logical? The other top 19 scorers aren’t even considered. In football, baseball and hockey the draft is based on performance and output. So once again I will watch my team draft a freshman who only scored a total of 50 points in college and now he has the potential to lead my team to the NBA glory. Yeah right, good luck with that.


Baseball is best watched live and at the ball park. The hot dog, the beer, the goofy games in between innings, the seventh inning stretch, I love watching live baseball. Watching baseball on TV, not so good. For years, people have been tinkering with the game of baseball to enhance it. I have a suggestion, and it might be my most genius idea of all time. It is easy to instill and you would get immediate results. Ready for this…. three balls equal a walk. It forces the pitcher to pitch more strikes and it rewards batters, which ultimately leads to more scoring and more excitement. It makes sense and makes baseball symmetrical. Now you have 3 balls, 3 strikes, 3 outs, 9 players, and 9 innings. It ties it all together. How can we make this happen? What petition do we need to start and sign? Are you with me……????

The Thrill of Sports photo

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