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curves behind the taps photo

Behind The Taps: A Contagious Vibe

curves behind the taps photo

Spike6 submits: How often do bartenders have fun on the job?

Bartending can be one of the most upbeat thrilling jobs. You get the right crowd and the right music and you can have as much fun as the patrons you are serving. Busy nights are some of the best! The vibe from the crowd is contagious and can make the night fly by. I’ve even gotten up on the bar and danced with a female customer who was having a bad night.

I would say there are definitely more fun nights than crappy nights.

Sometimes all your bartender wants to do is please the customer by making their night better and obtaining their return business. I often attempt to do this by buying a customer a drink. Sometimes just a smile, a little flirting, or a funny joke works wonders.


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Bartending is not all fun and games.

Some nights can be rough. A difficult customer can be hard to overcome. One of the most annoying things a customer can do is argue with a bartender about how to make a drink. Everybody’s tastes are different and there are a million ways to make a million drinks. I recently had a customer send back a drink three times and then proceeded to tell me how to make a reasonably common drink. However, their version of the drink was not even close to the accepted way to make the drink. On top of that I didn’t get a tip or a thank you for trying to please them by remaking the drink.

My favorite drink to make for an animated crowd is plain old shots of straight liquor. The act of friends (new or old) taking shots together raises the spirits of everyone and builds relationships.

Make sure to buy someone a drink this week and make yourself a new friend.

Don’t forget to tip your bartender!

Drink Recipe: Bourbon Blast!

Pour two shots of bourbon into the bottom of a shaker. Squeeze in a few lemon slices as well as a few dashes of bitters. Add a splash of simple syrup (water & sugar mix).  Add ice and shake.  Drain over ice.

If want to sweeten your Bourbon Blast a little, muddle some cherries in with the lemon.

Summer is coming up fast! Don’t forget to hydrate!

curves behind the taps photo

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