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After The Draft

On Saturday NFL teams had to cut down to a 53-man rooster. However that does not mean that most teams have finalized their roosters. Deals will be made throughout the week that can still impact teams significantly.

This must be a horribly nerve wracking process for players on the bubble. How awful would it be to make the 53-man rooster and still be cut after the Saturday deadline. Ouch!

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Generally speaking most leagues have probably completed their drafts by this point in the season. However, don’t think for a second that you are done looking at the league and how the transactions over the next couple of days will affect your fantasy team.

A player that gets cut from one team, may get picked up by another team and change the whole dynamic for the team with the new player. For example an offensive lineman may get cut from Team A that is fat with lineman, Team B picks up the cut lineman and all of a sudden Team B has a decent line. Now your third drafted running back has a legitimate chance to score some fantasy points. That late round, draft pick running back may now be in consideration as a starter.

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On the other hand your late round picks may get a last minute cut and now you have nothing. Thank god for trades.

Thursday is the start of the NFL season with a game between the Patriots and the Steelers. Between now and then there will be a ton of shuffling, cutting, assigned to the practice squad, waivers, and trading.

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Keep an eye out for a fast-trade that may give your fantasy team some depth. Even if you drafted like a boss you are one or two injuries away from needing that depth on your team. You can also throw in a player’s poor performance or a team’s change in strategy and you will need those late draft picks or last minute trades.

Criminal activities can influence a team’s dynamic. Over the last week the Patriots received great news when Brady’s four-game suspension was overturned. Brady being able to play four more games will significantly impact any fantasy players that play for the Patriots.

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Several players in the league still have looming legal issues that could affect their playing time. For example the Niners outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks is facing misdemeanor sexual battery charges. The Niners believe he will still pay in week one, but you never know.

Another factor for fantasy teams to consider is how team’s placed their players on injured reserved status. For example the Steeler’s placed Maurkice Pouncey on short-term, injured reserve, which means he is not eligible to play until Week 9. If you have Le’Veon Bell on your team this could be a very important factor.

Moral of the story is just because you have drafted does not mean you should give up on what is going on in the league. Especially this week as teams jockey for players. What you do after the draft can have a significant impact on how you do this fantasy season.

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