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AKA Kraftyy – Keep You And Your Game In Shape

You know that feeling when you get finished with a workout? Your blood is flowing and you feel hyper alert. Imagine sitting down to slay some peasants in your favorite FPS game while riding that runner’s high. How many times have you neglected going to the gym because you were too busy gaming? Do you keep procrastinating and telling yourself you’ll do it tomorrow? Putting in the work is essential to mastering a game, but keeping your mind and body fit is also a huge part.

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Taking the time to go to the gym or go out for a run is well worth the time lost practicing your gaming skills. Keeping your mind sharp and your body fit is a necessity when playing games competitively. If your opponent is well rested, and taking the time to better their physical and mental states, then they’ve already got the upper hand on you. Do yourself a favor: Wake up, get your sweat on, and eat a nice breakfast before you play. Just as important as getting your blood pumping, is giving your mind time to unwind and rest.


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Getting an adequate amount of sleep every night is crucial to performing at 100% while gaming. If you aren’t getting your 8 hours of sleep before you try to compete with well rested minds, you’re at a severe disadvantage. A fresh mind means faster reflexes, better awareness, and slower fatigue. Playing games competitively is unbelievably taxing on your mind, and you need to take that into consideration. Coupling your rested mind with a workout routine will absolutely improve your gameplay.

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