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AKA Kraftyy – What’s Your Setup?


#1 Destiny Player in the World: Kraftyy 

DisMe2 asks: What’s your setup?

A gamer is only as good as his tools. You can be the best gamer in the world, but if you’re using a bunk-ass setup, you’re going to get worked. Scenario: You’re playing some Counter Strike. It’s down to a 1v1 and the other guy is lit up. You’re feeling confident because you’ve got an awp and you’re damn good with it. Your opponent comes around the corner and you’re about to line the shot up, but your mouse skips and you miss. He just wrecked you and your terrible mouse is to blame. Don’t let your gear be the reason you let your team down.

In the competitive gaming world, using any equipment that could hinder your performance is a huge no-no. This means that you need a good mouse and keyboard to insure that your movements and aim are on point. A top of the line headset and microphone so that you can hear your enemies footsteps, your team’s call outs, and so your team can hear you clearly.

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Equally important to the gear is the space in which you play, consider it.

Being consistent in your gaming skill can be affected by your surroundings just as easily as the gear you use. Things as simple as your computer chair being an inch lower than normal can easily throw you off your game. If you play well with your shoes on, then always play with your shoes on. Always be comfortable when you sit down to play and you guessed it: consistency is key.

I personally use a Razer Naga mouse and a Razer keyboard to match. I’ve got a Kama headset that I use for PC gaming as well as console gaming. Some people use modded controllers for console gaming, but I find the the stock PS4 controller works best for me. I also play better with my shoes off.

Look for my next post here at Thrill Society where I will discuss a few more tips to improve the quality of your gameplay, as well as new games that I’m excited to review. Feel free to submit questions and comments for a chance to win priority on my fireteam in Destiny on PS4 for a week! As always you can check out my live stream everyday at

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