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American Whiskey: What Makes It Stand Out

One Of The Finest Whiskies

American Whiskey has the hallmark of vanilla sweetness, spice, and a crisp flavor. While bourbon is one of the most popular types of American Whiskey, rye, Tennessee, and corn are some of the other types of American Whiskey. With the many micro distilleries which have come up from California to New York and everywhere in between. People around the world are getting acquainted to American Whiskey and its intoxicating flavors.

Types of American Whiskey


Bourbon is exclusive to the country and is produced primarily in Kentucky. It is made of a minimum of 51% corn. It is aged in new, charred, white-oak barrels that gives the whiskey its sweet flavor.


This type of whiskey contains 80% of corn in the mash bill, which is the recipe. Corn whiskey is aged for a short time in uncharred, oak barrels.


Rye has a bitter and peppery taste and is fuller-bodied than other bourbons. It uses at least 51% rye and is aged in new, charred-oak barrels. The availability of rye makes it easy to use in the mash bill to create some of the best American whiskies.


Tennessee whiskey adds the Lincoln County Process to bourbon. The process requires the whiskey to be filtered slowly through ten feet of sugar-maple charcoal. The whiskey gets a smooth and sweet finish which reflects the taste of Tennessee whiskey. The world famous Jack Daniels owes its exotic flavors to this type of whiskey.

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Using 51% wheat, this whiskey is slightly softer than rye and bourbon. It is aged in new, charred white-oak barrels and has a smooth and sweet flavor to it.

White Dog

Commonly known as moonshine or white whiskey, White Dog is unaged whiskey, which is bottled right after distillation. Usually water is added to reduce the strength of the whiskey.


Innovation leads to the creation of many flavor infusions. Other American whiskeys may result out of a blend of American Whiskeys and small changes in the process of creating whiskey.


American whiskey traces its origin to the states of Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. It was produced mainly as a rye based liquor during the 18th century. The availability of corn in the states of Kentucky and Tennessee favored the production of whiskey in these states by Irish pioneers.

By the 19th century, whiskey had become popular throughout the country. The whiskey trade at its peak saw many unscrupulous traders trying to sell non-whiskey drinks in whiskey bottles. Sealed and labelled bottles became the only way to stop illegal trade.

The practice of sealed bottles was started by George Barvin Brown who sold whiskey to physicians and medical practitioners who used it to cure certain maladies. The practice of sealing bottles gradually became commercialized.


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Between 1922 and 1933, America saw the prohibition of whiskey as a result of abuse of alcohol. The supporters of the prohibition found the drink to be the reason behind many anti-social activities. During this period, six companies had the license to sell medicinal whiskey. Patients with a prescription could go to a pharmacy and buy bottled whiskey for medicinal purposes. The failures of the prohibition started becoming very clear and the prohibition was lifted in 1933.

Bourbon became one of the most popular American whiskeys and the US congress acknowledged it as ‘a distinct product of the USA’. Specific standards were set for bourbon to ensure the distinct flavor of the whiskey was not lost. Over these centuries, American whiskey has created a niche for itself in the world with its rich history.

Mash bill

The ingredients that are used in American whiskey vary on the type of whiskey that is being created. Corn, rye and wheat are some of the common ingredients. Most of the distilleries try to keep the recipe a secret. The process and ingredients give each type of whiskey its flavor.

What Makes American Whiskey Stand Out?

American whiskey is usually characterized by a sweeter and smoother taste. American whiskey is produced under strict standards to avoid adulteration. The regulations set for creating authentic American whiskey have ensured the whiskey retains its quality over years.


American whiskey has gained popularity because of the authenticity of the whiskey created in America. The potent flavors are considered to be one of the best. Bourbon still remains the most common type of American whiskey but micro distilleries are crafting whiskies of various blends which offer a great new taste to the usual whiskey.

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