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Behind The Taps: Bar Fight

tits behind the taps photo

The frequency of fights has varied depended on the type of bar I was working. Some bars just attract the type of douchebag that wants to cause or take part in a fight. I’ve found that the hiring of large bouncers decreases the amount of fights that happen in the bar. Bar fights are more likely to happen late at night close to closing time. One of the biggest causes is what I like to call peacocking. This is where your average douche bag puffs out his chest and his pride for no reason. Often from the false confidence that booze lends or maybe an overdose of testosterone. I’m not sure of the actual science behind it, but the fights often seem to transpire out of thin air. One guy looks at the other the wrong way and all of a sudden there is pushing and shoving and screaming.


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In my time working in bars I’ve had several girl fights in my bar. During fights with girls there is almost always hair pulling and swinging of an individual by their hair. Girl fights seem to start from something stupid like gossip or one girl bumping into another. Something that a sober person would not even think twice about let alone fight over, but yet again the liquid courage. Two of the fights that I’ve seen started from racial slurs. Woman can be quite vicious.

tits behind the taps photo

Fights have to be ended by breaking up the fight or throwing the fight outside. It is most likely ended by the bouncer or bartender separating the two and throwing them out separate doors. A night that really sticks out was when a drunk, idiot tried to fight the bouncer who was already having a rough night and ripped the bouncers shirt. This all transpired because the bouncer was kicking out the crowd out at the end of the evening. I kicked the guy out and in the process accidentally knocked him down to the ground. He grabbed my leg and tried to pull me to the ground, I proceeded to grab his neck and told him to let me fucking go before I choked him out.

Weekly Drink: Basil Lemonade

tits behind the taps photo

Pour two shots of citrus flavored vodka into a pint glass, squeeze in three slices of lemon and add in a few leaves of basil. Muddle the lemon and basil, fill the glass with ice and top off with lemonade and soda water.

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