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Barre Workout – A Fun Way To Stay In Shape

What Is It?

Barre is a form of exercise that looks very much like ballet. This workout was developed by a ballerina back in the early part of the 19th century. Barre uses a mix of elements from pilates, yoga, and dance. You do not need to have a dancing experience in order to enjoy this workout.

Huge benefits of the Barre workout are major body changes after attending only few classes. Age and weight are not restrictions. The only main difference between the Barre workout and traditional strength training is that, Barre exercises involve small, body movements, whereas strength training involves various large and compound movements.

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The Key Exercises And How Do You Do It?

The Barre workout is much easier than other exercise workouts, however it works muscles by making them elastic through stretching. The main key exercises and way to execute them are explained here.


Sumo Cats/Cows:

This is a great warm up for the spine, core, and lower body. What you are required to do is stand with your feet pointed at the 11 and 1 o clock positions. Next draw your hips behind  you and put your body weight on your heels. Looking forward, arch your core as you exhale. Come back to the previous position as you inhale.

Simple Toe Taps:

This exercise warms up the muscles through out the body. Stand straight with your feet wide. Next bend the knees, ensuring that your spine is straight. Your hips should stay at the square position, while your feet stay securely anchored to the floor. Straighten the legs, lean on your right side while tapping your left toe. Next bend the knees and this time lean to the left while tapping your right toe.


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Crescent Lunch

This is another exercise to heat up your lower body while stretching your upper body and hips. Keep the right foot behind you and bend at the left knee. Make sure your right foot stays on the floor while bending the left knee. Now stretch your right leg and lift your arms. Interlace your palms over your head. Now bend your right knee and round your upper back while pushing with your palms down and forward as you exhale. Come back to the previous position as you inhale.

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Sumo Squat

Sumo Squats target the the butt muscles, front legs, and hamstrings. Stand with your feet wide and draw your hips backward. Your spine should be straight. Hold your breath for five seconds.

Next bring your palms over your head and together, lean back on your heels and squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold the squat position for five seconds.

Stand straight up and bring your palms down to your side to finish the exercise.

Narrow V

This workout is intended to shape your entire leg.

Stand with your toes four inches apart in a perfect ‘V’ shape. Next bend your knees slightly, while shifting your weight off your heels. Your heels should be slightly off the floor. You can use a chair for support or place your hands in prayer position to help with stability. 

Standing Seat Work

This is very simple exercise for enhancing your balance and shaping your core, legs, and spine. Grab a chair for stability and place two hands on top of the chair. Sweep the right foot behind the hip while lifting it up one inch and hold your foot in this position for five seconds. Next, raise your left foot at the toes lifting your heel off the floor and hold for five seconds. Repeat the process with your right foot.

Power Leg

This is another useful exercise that requires a chair. While holding onto the top of a chair for stability, lift your heels while bending at the knees. Your weight should be on your toes.  Your hips should be level and core firm. Hold this position for five seconds and then slowly reverse the exercise to a standing position. 

These are just some examples of great Barre workout exercises. There are so many Barre exercises of varying skill and difficulty.

What Equipment Is Needed?

The Barre workout does not require any equipment other than a chair or something to provide stability. Barre exercises are all about small movements that work your muscles through the use of body weight. 


Barre exercises are perfect for individuals wanting to develop a long and lean muscles without bulk. The Barre workout can easily be done at home with minimal equipment while providing excellent results.

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