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Baseball Playoffs

Begrudgingly enough, we are going to take a break from football for the next couple of weeks. We are going to talk about the only time of season to watch baseball on your TV: Playoff time. I enjoy baseball at the stadiums but to sit at home and watch a game on TV just screams beer belly and most likely a significant other yelling out you. Baseball is meant to be watched live or during playoff time. So since the NL playoffs are set. Let’s make some fun prediction about who advances and who goes home just a week after everyone else did.

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Wild Card Round

Pit vs Cubs in a one game showdown to see who advances. I wish somehow this game was to see who would represent the NL in the World Series. Both these teams are great, both have great fan base and both are in the NL Central. The game will most likely be at Pittsburgh so give them a check. These teams play each other like a million times during the season, or at least it feels like that, so that neutralizes any surprise from the teams. If you had to bet on a team to win, take the Cubs. Not because the Cubs made it this far and they are a popular team and you know someone that is a Cubs fan or at least says their Cubs fan. Pick them because Pittsburgh can’t beat any team in the NL Central. You could put an All-Star team together from the AL East and Pittsburgh would beat them. But you dress up a 30 and over softball team in a Brewers uniform and the Pirates would lose to them.

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For the next round you have the Cardinals vs the Cubs (the NL Central was good this year) and the Mets vs the Dodgers. Once again, I am pulling for the Cubs. Just simply because they are the ones that haven’t been there in a while. The Cardinals getting to the playoffs as of late is almost as sure as the sun rising every day. They are annoyingly good. The Mets had a better season than anticipated. However, Met fans are so fickle that they will see this as a glass half empty moment. Mets fans never seem happy. While the Dodgers are trying to eclipse the $500 million payroll mark are trying to keep their manager from getting fired. If you are the Dodgers management and you are having the highest pay roll in MLB and I believe in the history of MLB, you better be in the playoffs. For comedy sakes I hope the Mets win so they can find a way to complain about their payroll even though they just won.

Then we have a Mets/Cubs show down for the right to play in the World Series. Hopefully against either the Astros or Blue Jays.

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Three things to love about playoff baseball.

  1. Each game really does matter and the crowd knows it. You want to see a crowd rally a team, hang on every pitch, yell at every swing, go crazy at every fly ball, sit silently on Defense when a ball is hit? Than just watch playoff baseball. It is awesome.
  2. It is tense from the 8th inning till the end of the game. I mean tenser than any other sport. This is the only sport with no time limit. You play until the game is over. There is no clock watching, no planning ahead. It is one tense moment right after another tense moment.
  3. Superstition in playoff baseball is a chronic illness and funny to watch. The only time you will see grown men do the exact same thing or wear their uniform or hat the same way they did in little league in effort to sway the game. It is priceless to watch.

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