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Batman: Arkham Knight – A Perfect Ending to the Arkham Trilogy

The final chapter in Rocksteady’s Arkham Trilogy surpasses the previous games and emerges as one of the most graphically pleasing games. The entire city looks spectacularly designed and Batman, who is a slick and scary as ever, glides from the rooftops giving you the feeling of soaring above the skies. Players are bound to be immersed in the graphically alluring Arkham city. The open-world structure of the game allows you to tackle side missions and you can choose to take them up in any order. The strong storyline complements the gameplay and the graphics in every step of the game. The game was released on June 23, 2015.

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Joker has been dead for nine months and crime rates have declined in Gotham City. Joker had sent his mutated blood to Gotham’s hospitals. Many people have been infected and start to act and look like joker.

On the other hand, Scarecrow brings his latest fear to a diner on Halloween’s night. It is a fear gas that he threatens to release throughout Gotham. While most of the civilians evacuate the city, the villains stay behind. Commissioner James Gordon and his team of police officers are outnumbered. Batman tracks Scarecrow and is able to rescue Poison Ivy from the rooftop of a safe house where she was captured and kept by Scarecrow’s henchman.

Barbara Gordon, James Gordon’s daughter is collecting information on the toxin which is being used by Scarecrow. She traces it to Ace Chemicals where Batman goes to gather more information. The mysterious “Arkham Knight” confronts Batman. Batman soon finds out that Scarecrow has set the building to explode, and Batman is exposed to the fear gas which reacts with his mutated blood.

Batman finds out that Barbara has been abducted by the Arkham Knight and he is compelled to inform James Gordon of the abduction. This outrages Gordon who decides to find his daughter without Batman’s help.

Batman continues in his efforts to stop Scarecrow and Arkham Knight. He gets a message from Scarecrow that Barbara is being held captive in the same safehouse where Poison Ivy was kept. Barbara shoots herself after being doused in the fear toxin.


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Alfred Pennyworth tells Batman that Gotham city will be flooded with the fear toxin with the help of Cloudburst. Poison Ivy takes control of a tree that produces massive flowers which can neutralize the effect of the toxin.

In another part of the city, joker’s mutants are being gathered by Harley Quinn to keep joker’s legacy alive. Batman and Robin capture Harley and free the hostages. Henry Adams who is also infected, has succumbed to the mutations, and kills all the hostages. He shoots himself when he is confronted by Batman. Robin realizes that Batman is also infected so Batman puts him in a cell to avoid being apprehended before he stops scarecrow.

Arkham Knight has spread the toxin in Gotham city using the Cloudburst device. Poison Ivy is not able to withstand the enormous amounts of toxin and she dies. Batman fights the Arkham Knight and the identity of the Arkham Knight is revealed. He is Jason Todd, the second Robin. Batman believed him to be dead. Jason drops his gun in shame after fighting Batman for a short while.

Batman and Gordon proceed to the rooftop of a building where Scarecrow meets them. After a series of events which reveals that Barbara is still alive, Scarecrow uses the fear toxin on Batman, injecting him again and again to break his spirit. Jason comes to rescue Batman and injects Scarecrow with the toxin rendering him harmless.

After neutralizing all other supervillain threats, the story shows Bruce Wayne arriving at Wayne Manor when it blows up. Time has passed and Jim Gordon is now the mayor of Gotham city.

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Batman: Arkham City takes place in Gotham city. The city is new compared to the previous ones in the trilogy. Players will be able to drive the Batmobile for the first time in the series. You can also use gadgets, your gadgets in mid-air now giving you better opportunities to target enemies.


Batman: Arkham Knight has been commended for its gameplay, storyline and graphics. Players have enjoyed the game for most of it while many found the ending to be a little predictable. The latest update to the game was released on November 24th and it adds support for DLC. The latest update handles some bug fixes and includes a

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