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Body Weight Training

Body Weight Training: The Most Ideal Strength Training Workout

What is Body Weight Training?

Body Weight Training is a unique type of strength training because it does not use any free weights or machines. The individual will use his or her own weight to provide as a resistance for the set of movements. The most common example of body weight training are push ups and sit ups. So if you are just using your own weight as your source of resistance, then you are actually doing body weight training.

Why Is Body Weight Training Popular?

One of the most obvious reasons why this type of strength training is so popular among athletes and bodybuilders is because it is very cheap and convenient. You don’t need to buy different weight tools or equipment. This is perfect for someone who does not have any muscle-building equipment at home or does not have the time and cannot afford a membership at the local gym.

Body weight training preferred by many people because you can do it anywhere. It is not confined to the gym or at home. Those who frequently travel will prefer this type of strength training because it is so flexible and convenient.

Body weight training is not boring and repetitive as other strength training programs, because it can have endless variations. For example, when doing push ups, you can lift one leg backwards or increase the tempo to make it harder with more resistance. This is an exciting way of doing exercise which makes it a top choice for many people.



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The Best Body Weight Exercise

Push Ups

Push ups are a great way to build your chest, triceps, and shoulders. Doing regular push ups can also help in fully stabilizing your torso and lower back area. Push ups are  also a popular choice because you can do so many variations with this type of exercise. You can do push ups on an elevated position or with different variations of the hands and legs.

Jump Squat

Your starting position should be standing straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down to about halfway and jump as high as you can. You should land with soft knees and immediately begin the next rep.

Pull Ups

If you want to build up your back area, doing pull ups is one of the best solutions. Pull ups is also a versatile body weight training exercise. Some of the variations you can do during your pull up routine are modifying your linear movement and varying your grip.

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Handstand Push Ups

This exercise looks daunting at first because you have to learn how to do a handstand. Try doing a handstand with your feet on the wall for sixty seconds. If you can last that long, then you are ready to do a handstand push up. This type of exercise is very effective in building up your shoulders and the goal is ten repetitions.

Rope Climb

Another difficult type of exercise but it can be very rewarding if you want to build your strength. The goal is to climb up a twenty feet rope by just using your hands. This will test the limit of your strength by lifting your own weight.

Pistol Squat

This is a great body weight exercise for developing the muscle in your lower body. It will also develop your balance, coordination, and stabilization. It is not an easy exercise and your body will need at least a week of preparation before you can completely finish up to twenty reps.

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Where to Do Your Body Weight Exercises?

You can do your body weight exercises at home, in the office, gym, outdoors, and almost anywhere you like. This is the reason why body weight exercise is so appealing for many people because of its convenience and flexibility. You won’t need any workout machines or free weights to do the exercises. Some exercises will require stairs, handle bars or ropes but these are also accessible in many places such as your home.

Some of the Reasons Why You Should Start Body Weight Training

  • These types of exercises can be easily modified for different fitness levels.
  • You will increase your core strength and gain better body posture.
  • Body weight training is about building strength and flexibility.
  • It is never boring because you can mix up your exercises and put some variations on it.

These are just some of the reasons why you ought to try body weight training. It is free and very effective in helping you build up your strength and lose unwanted fats. Some routines combine cardio and strength training which your body needs to maintain a good physique.

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