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Bryson Tiller Is Reaching For Superstardom In 2016

Bryson Tiller is a recently discovered RnB and rap artist who’s making waves in the music industry.  This American singer-songwriter started his professional career in October of 2015. In just a matter of a few months, his songs were able to displace records released by more popular artists in the charts. Equipped with a genuine talent, Bryson is out to prove to the world that perseverance and hard work really pay off.

Early Life

Bryson Djuan Tiller was born on Jan 2, 1993 in Louisville, Kentucky. Pen Griffy to his close friends and relatives, Bryson lost his mother at the age of four. From then on, life was not so easy for Bryson and his three siblings. With a great passion and love for music, Bryson worked hard to pursue his dream using social media and the Internet to capture the hearts of music enthusiasts.

Personal Life

Bryson is a father to his 1-year-old daughter, Harley. His love for music continued to grow since he was young, drawing inspiration from music icons such as Kanye West and Drake. Living a life without a mother was pretty tough to the young Bryson. He even tried sleeping in the car for days to evade misery. With all the lessons he learned about life, Bryson wants to change the world by inspiring people to dream and to dream big. Aside from being a huge music artist, Bryson is also envisaging of having his own Cartoon TV show on Adult Swim.


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The Genesis of His Career

Bryson’s fate turned 360 degrees when he dropped his breakthrough single “Don’t” on his SoundCloud page. His unique musicality caught the attention of music lovers and quickly gained a massive 35 million streams. His unique style of combining love-laced melodies together with the braggadocios rhymes of rap earned the nods of music bigwigs Drake and Timbaland. After a series of talks, Drake and Timbaland formally co-signed the 22-year old Kentucky artist. Dubbed to be the “next big thing”, the sun is definitely shining for this talented young man.  

The First Album

Following the fast changing events in Bryson’s life marked his official entry to the music recording scene. In October 2015, RCA Records released Bryson’s first album entitled Trap Soul, which was dropped exclusively on Apple Music before it was released worldwide. Packed with 14 tracks, this album includes songs such as “Exchange”, “Just Another Interlude” and “Don’t” claiming the top spot of Billboard’s Emerging Artist Chart.

The Inspiration behind TRAP SOUL

The first album of Bryson tells a lot of things about his life. Trap Soul is full of emotions, and bits and pieces of his life in the past. Bryson admitted that writing songs is one of the best ways that he can express what he feels. For instance, his song “502 Come Up” tells his desperation from not being able to finish his education. Though it is not too late for him to finish a degree, Bryson do not see himself returning to school anytime soon given how busy his schedule is.

Bryson’s Biggest Hits

Bryson conquered the music scene with several hits that instantly made it to different music charts. “Let ‘Em Know” and “Been That Way” made it to top 50 US R&B Hit Charts. His very first single, “Don’t” from this album Trap Soul, occupied the 13th spot in US Billboards and 58th in Canada’s Music Charts. Other singles that recently topped the chart include “Exchange” and “Sorry Not Sorry”.

The Next Big Thing in 2016

Aside from Drake and Timbaland who already co-signed Bryson on his future projects, Sylvester Stallone himself also co-signed with Bryson. “Rambo” believes that he is the next big thing in the coming year 2016. Just imagine a young 22-year old father who just uploaded his music on SoundCloud instantly gathered millions of followers and even made it on top of the charts. His work was not even released by a major record label by then. All the odds are going towards Bryson’s favor and it will not be a surprise if he conquers the music scene in 2016.

Future Projects

Following the success of his first album, Trap Soul, Bryson is already in the works of putting up a second album. If the first one is all about what he has experience in the past, the new album will include feature songs that his fans and followers will surely love. He will continue to go around the United States and even abroad to promote his music and widen his fan base.

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