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Buck Cherried

Roughly three years ago I was sitting in the Delta Sky Lounge in the Narita International Airport just outside of Tokyo, Japan sipping on a free, ice-cold beer. It only 10 a.m., but after flying all night from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea and staring a 9 ½ hour flight to Seattle in the eye, a few free, cold beers were really hitting the spot.

The lounge was filled mainly with business travelers and a few families. I was well into my third, free beer and listening to Crazy Bitch by Buck Cherry with my headphones on to protect the innocents from the vulgar lyrics.

Around the corner across the room walked five guys all tatted up wearing rocker type clothing. Their clothing was designed to look worn and old, but in reality it looked expensive and tailored.

Leading the group was Buck Cherry lead singer Josh Todd. Now Josh is the kind of guy that has a very unique look. If a person has every seen Josh they will probably remember what he looks like. He is very skinny, heavily tatted up and has the look of a rock star. At the time I did not know his name but I knew for sure that the guy walking closer to me was the lead singer of Buck Cherry.

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I am a huge fan of Buck Cherry. I loved their early stuff like Lit Up and was elated to hear they had reformed to make amazing new music like Too Drunk and Crazy Bitch. I love the band’s energy and naughty lyrics. Buck Cherry has a knack for singing about topics guys only think about, but never discuss to others.

I had a bunch of empty seats around me and Josh just happened to sit right next to me. As he sat down I took off my head phones and said, “Buck Cherry, love your music!” Todd gave me a smile and shook my hand.


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We chatted over the next half hour and I found Todd and the rest of his band to a good group of guys. They all had bloodshot eyes from playing a late concert the night before in Tokyo and all joked about sleeping all the way back to the states.

In the half hour the band was in the Delta Sky Lounge no one seemed to notice them or bother them for an autograph.

Buck Cherry had an earlier flight than me and they were headed to L.A. Todd shook my hand before he left and off they went into the wild blue wonder.

I raided the beer cooler for another free beer and was elated to see the hot dog buffet was ready to pillage. After getting all setup with beer and hotdogs I put the headphones on, found Sorry in my i tunes playlist list, sat back and enjoyed the experience of meeting the nice fellas from Buck Cherry.

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