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Call of Duty: Black Ops III Game Review

Thrilling Gameplay, Side-tracked Story-line!

The Call of Duty franchise has enthralled game enthusiasts since its dawn in 2003. With the many games that have been launched under the Call of Duty franchise, gamers have enjoyed some of the best graphics and story lines along with a great gaming experience. The first person shooter game is widely known for the thrill it renders to the players and the latest release in the Black Ops story arc, Black Ops III has veritably continued the legacy by sustaining the anxiety of the users.

Black Ops III with all its fanfare, is simply a connecting link in the Black Ops Story arc. Black Ops III is reflective of a lack of inspiration as developer Treyarch tries to keep the engine running with yet another sequel. Treyarch’s contributions to the Call of Duty series have raised the standards of the game taking it to new levels as gamers keep yearning for more.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III is set in the future (2065), 40 years from the events of Black Ops II when nations have developed technology that makes air assaults useless. Covert operation unfolding behind enemy lines is the new strategy adapted by countries. Robotics are now fundamental in combats and supersoldiers are used for fighting in the battlefield.

Like previous Black Ops games, Black Ops III follows a team of black ops members who have supersoldier capabilities. As the team infiltrates Ethiopia to rescue the hostages from the NCR, the player is fatally wounded by a robot and is saved through the installation of cybernetic enhancements. The player’s partner Jacob Hendricks goes through similar modifications. The player is also given a Direct Neural Interface (DNI) which allows him to directly communicate with machines and control the cybernetics.

The game fast forwards five years, and the player and Hendricks are now under the command of CIA Agent Rachel Kane. They investigate a CIA black site which lost communication in Singapore. It is found that the site was attacked by 54 immortals (54i) which is the most powerful criminal organization in the country. The three visit the last known location of Taylor and his team which is a Coalescence Corporation facility in the Singapore where 300,000 people were killed. One of Taylor’s men, Diaz, is found in a hidden CIA lab under the building. It is discovered that the CIA were performing covert DNI experiments on unwilling subjects. At the same time, Diaz hooks himself to the central CPU core of the facility which results in revelation of CIA locations across the globe. Although the player kills Diaz, the sites have already been revealed. After defending themselves from a 54i attack, the player and Hendricks rescue Kane and head to Egypt to find Dr. Yousef Salim.


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Dr. Yousef Salim explains that he had worked on the illegal DNI experiments. Taylor and his team are successful in capturing and killing the doctor. The Player with Hendricks, Kane and the Egyptian army, track Taylor and kill his team members. It is found that Taylor and his team are being controlled by Corvus which is an Artificial Intelligence created by the CIA during the experiments. Corvus has also infected the player and Hendricks who may soon fall under its control. Taylor is confronted again in Cairo where Hendricks kills him. Corvus has already started controlling Hendricks who heads to Zurich’s Coalescence Headquarters so that he can spread Corvus to all the computers of the world.

The player heads to Zurich with Kane to stop Hendricks. Corvus manages to kill Kane and Hendricks is killed by the player. In an attempt to kill himself, the player reaches a simulated world where he is guided by Taylor to purge his DNI in order to stop Corvus. A successful system purge in their DNI, saves the player and he stumbles out of the building to meet security forces where he identifies himself as Taylor.

The conclusion to the story is that the Player had died shortly after his surgery and all the events after that are only a figment of his imagination while he is dying.


Multiplayer has gained a lot of momentum since Black Ops II, players can perform a lot more actions like wall-run and boost jump. Like the previous Black Ops game, you have the pick 10 class system and you can choose from 9 specialists. Players also enjoy weapon customization at a higher level in Black Ops III.

Zombies lend a great experience to Black Ops III and it will have its own XP-based progression system. The campaign in the game has its own progression system as well and players can customize their characters.


The game has received mixed reviews where the story-line is seen as a bit awry but the gameplay is being acclaimed. With new powers and a thrilling Zombie mode, Call of Duty: Black Ops III has kept the ball rolling in the Black Ops story arc.

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