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Cedar Breaks National Monument

Cedar Breaks National Monument – The Place of Adventure and Beauty

Shrouded with cliffs, spires, canyons, and walls, the aesthetics of Cedar Breaks National Monument are a paradox of nature. This is where ruggedness takes the form of beauty. Located in the state of Utah, close to Cedar City, Cedar Breaks is regarded as the country’s natural amphitheater, which stretches over three miles and is more than 2,000 feet deep. With an elevation that reaches a height of 10,450 feet at the Markagunt Plateau, the majestic Cedar Breaks is hardly remembered for the Cedar trees because there are no Cedar trees here. Those who discovered the Cedar Breaks mistook Junipers to be Cedars.

Established in 1933, the Cedar Breaks National Monument has been formed over a long period of time. Millions of years ago, continuous uplifting and erosion of the canyon formed this vast amphitheater which houses subtly colored rocks in beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow. The Indians called it the Circle of Painted Cliffs. Those who behold the beauty and magnanimity of the place will realize why the name sounds apt. While it is highly lauded for its aesthetic value, there is very little utilitarian value of the land, which is why it was also referred as badlands or breaks by the early settlers.

Things to Do

The sheer beauty of the Cedar Breaks is reason enough to entice travelers. Adventure awaits every person who visits the Cedar Breaks. With its beautiful hiking trails and the memorable Star Parties, this enchanting place offers adventures a multitude of outdoor activities.

Hiking is a favorite of the people who visit the Cedar Breaks National Monument. You will not have to worry about your hiking skills, because there are three different trails which are meant to accommodate different skill levels from novices to experienced hikers. Mountain biking at the Cedar Breaks can be a lot of fun too. The landscape of the place and the beauty of the trails lend a sense of adventure and give you the chance to explore nature at it’s finest.

You can also join a Park Ranger to gain a better insight into the Cedar Breaks National Monument. They have immense knowledge regarding the geology, flora and fauna, human history, and topography of the place. There are a lot of free programs which included guided hikes, junior rangers, and even evening parties that can be a lot of fun at the Cedar Breaks.

If you enjoy skiing then you will find Cedar Breaks to be a destination for your winter adventures.  Skiing takes place at higher elevations where the view of the surrounding red rocks adds fun to your skiing experience. One of the most popular places to begin your skiing adventure is at the Brian Head Ski Resort. In addition to skiing, winters veil Cedar Breaks in a beautiful blanket of white snow making it perfect for snowmobiling and snowshoeing.

The Star Parties at Cedar Breaks can create some great memories for you. Star Parties are held in the summer months when the skies are clear. Telescopes are provided for viewing the beauty of the skies. Visitors can bring their own telescopes to enjoy the Star Parties. You can also camp at strategic places in the Cedar Breaks to enjoy a beautiful, outdoor experience.

A visit to Cedar Breaks can never be anything less than exciting because of the number of events, the places to see, and the things to do. The Wildflower festival in the summer months, to the Plein Air Art Event, with nature at its best, and adrenaline set to the maximum level, Cedar Breaks National Monument is brimming with beauty and adventure.


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Best Time of the Year

Visiting Cedar Breaks National Monument can be enjoyable any time of the year. Depending on your preferences, you may enjoy four different seasons at Cedar Breaks. While the summer brings Star Parties, camping and hiking adventures, the winter is known for the winter sports Cedar Breaks offers to its visitors. The fall colors of Cedar Breaks are also considered to be one of the best in the country. For those who visit the breaks between late September and early October, the colors of the leaves add a brightness to the Cedar Breaks as they blend in with the beautiful orange and reds of the landscape.

Flora and Fauna

For those who find recourse in nature, Cedar Breaks National Monument is a sight to behold. The flora and fauna of the badlands is huge and diverse. From mountain lions to pocket gophers and Bristlecone Pines to Parry Primrose, you will find delight in the beauty of its trees, plants, and the animals that find shelter at the Cedar Breaks. Birds like Violet Green Swallows and Clark’s Nutcrackers are also found here.


Located in the state of Utah, Cedar Breaks is about 23 miles from Cedar City. It is located on the west of Markagunt Plateau in Southern Utah amidst Interstate 15 and Highway 89. Cedar Breaks transports you into a place which is distant from the hubbub of city life. At the heart of Cedar Breaks you will find sweet reprieve from the lows of urban living.


You can visit the majestic, natural amphitheater of Cedar Breaks National Monument just about any time of the year and enjoy beautiful views of the canyons, hoodoos, and arches that surround the badlands. The setting sun is known to be one of the most beautiful views of Cedar Breaks followed by the joys of gazing at the clear skies as the stars light up the sky as the sun sets.

The ruggedness of the cliffs and canyons with the snow-capped mountains and lush green forests blend seamlessly into each other creating a brilliant sight for every visitor. 

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