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Game Of War: Checklist To Success

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Every time you log into our GOW account there are certain number of things you should do to ensure growth of your alliance and city. I have developed a checklist to follow so you do not miss any of the critical tasks required to play GOW at peak efficiency. You can use this checklist both with your main city and your hyper farms.

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These items are all found on the home page:

1) Click on your secret gift. This gift is free, does expire, and is awarded based on game activity. 2) Click on Athena’s gift. This gift is random, free, and does expire. 3) Check our boosts. Make sure your piece shield is active if you are using a piece shield and you should be using one or you will login to the game to find out you have been zeroed. Make sure to set an alarm for 30 minutes before your peace shield expires. Make sure your upkeep reduction is being used. The upkeep reduction boost will help you save food. Also check that your food, stone, ore, and silver boosts are being used. These resources’ boosts will help you acquire resources faster. 4) Click on the dungeon attack. Each player is awarded a free attack once a day. 5) Click on alliance help button. This button will help your alliance members reduce their build times. The higher the level of your stronghold the more alliance help you can receive and the more your build time is reduced. 6) Complete your daily quests. Quests are reset once all quests are completed. Be sure to click the chance button to see if you have earned additional quests.
7) Complete your alliance quests. These quests will help earn loyalty and funds for your alliance. Quests are reset once all the quests are completed. Be sure to click the chance button to see if you have earned additional alliance quests.
8) Click on your VIP quests. If you complete your daily streak you will receive additional gifts. VIP quests also have a chance button that should be clicked to see if there are additional quests once a daily streak is completed.
9) Click on all your alliance gifts. These are free gifts and they do expire. By clicking on the alliance gifts you will help your alliance increase it’s gift level. The higher the gift level the better the gifts.
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10) Check your mail. There may be important messages from your alliance waiting for you.
11) Read the GOW blog to keep up on all the GOW important issues that will help you hone your game.
12) Make sure you researching, building, and training troops.
13) Check your items under the special tab to see if you have any hero experience points waiting to help you increase the strength of our hero.
14) Read at least one page of our alliance chat to see if your alliance friends need any help. I always like to at least say hi and try to comment on a previous chat to keep myself involved and known in the alliance.
15) Check the treasury to make sure your gold certificate of deposit has not expired. If it has expired collect your rewards and start a new certificate of deposit.

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This item is found on the map page:

1) Do a quick scan of your area to see if there is any gold. If there is gold consider taking the time to collect this gold. However use extreme caution when collecting gold. Players get crazy around gold and the chance to get tile hit is extreme. I recommend only using the minimum amount of troops required to collect the gold and if possible watch all gold collections.

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These items are found in the alliance city:

1) Click on the alliance city secret gift. If your alliance collects all of the secret gifts your alliance will receive an additional gift.
2) Enter the Hall of Quests and complete a quest. If your alliance completes the gift bar your alliance will receive additional gifts.
3) Check out your alliance cities resources. If your city is getting low on a certain resource donate that resource. It’s important for your alliance to keep building on the city and your alliance leaders will be looking at who is contributing to the project. Be a contributor.

Just a simple 19 items to check plus any special items that you may need to check depending on how you run your city or participate in your alliance. It’s a lot of steps and a bit time consuming, but the complexity of the game is what makes GOW fun.

Always keep in mind this is just a game, have fun, and remember Don’t Be An A-Hole!

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