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Cigarettes After Sex – Makes Slowcore the New High for Its Fans

At this time, the emergence of a new artist, band or a gang has become analogous to the sales people who keep coming up to my door. There is no way we can stop either, but every now and then they surprise us by playing that mystery card extremely well. When an amateur music band creates music that creates an amazing sensation in my mind, I yearn for more of their refreshing symphonies and lyrics.


While I totally enjoy listening to established music bands that have etched an indelible niche for themselves in the music industry I have great respect for new comers who show continuous progression as they try to gradually carve out a space for themselves in the diversified land of music. Cigarettes after Sex are one of those bands that have been in the industry for less than half a decade – four years to be precise, and have started garnering worldwide attention.


This four piece from El Paso, Texas began with the EP ‘I’ which is supposed to be read as the Roman numeral one. The release of their first EP did not help the band get the support needed from fans to make them popular enough. Some of the locals supported the band but it wasn’t able to create any ripples in the music industry.

The vocalist of the band, Gregg Gonzalez left the warm sunshine of his hometown to live in New York. He welcomed the 2014 New Year at his new home in Brooklyn which was going to soon become the launch pad of his career. He did not leave the Southwest soul of his music with his home town though. His first EP was after all created to reminisce his many love connections with El Paso sweethearts.

Greg was accompanied by Phillip Tubbs who is also a native of El Paso and is a part of the band as an original member. He plays the synthesizer. In Brooklyn, Greg joined an array of music bands to look for members who will be right for his band. Cigarettes after Sex now has Randy Miller who is from Los Angeles and plays the bass while James Tomsky of Brooklyn is on the drums. Greg is the vocalist and guitarist of the band.


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With this band put together, Cigarettes after Sex began playing in many dive bars and stages throughout Brooklyn, but they were not able to get the kind of attention that is needed to be famous. What did get the attention was a host of online fans that enjoyed their music through the social media. This helped them gain recognition in New York, something they had been yearning for a long time.

One of the reasons for their online success was the name they had chosen for the band. While there is no reason to undermine their talent in the music and lyrics they create, the name makes it easier to get the attention of music enthusiasts who are yearning for something new and refreshing.

Band Members

Greg Gonzalez The guy who formed the band. His smooth voice provides the vocals to the band. He also doubles up as the guitarist of the band.

Phillip Tubbs He is also from El Paso and has worked with Greg since the time the band was formed. Phillips takes his stance behind the keyboards.

Randy Miller He is the bass guitarist of the band. Randy moved to Brooklyn from Los Angeles.

Jake Tomsky Jake is from Brooklyn and he leads the heartbeats with his drums.


Their debut EP ‘I’ was released in 2012 and it eventually got a lot of online attention from music lovers who enjoy slowcore music with gentle vocals. The four songs in their first EP are absolutely flawless and have a clear eargasm effect on the listeners.

In October 2015, their second EP was released which has just one song, but that one song made their fans go crazy as they were left hoping for more. ‘Affection’ is not very far flung from the band’s first EP. Just that it has a slightly higher production value and you will find the electric guitar to be more prominent, adding weight to the song.

Cigarettes after Sex has a small discography for now, but every song is worth listening to.


The band is making international rounds now as it wraps a larger audience in its striking lyrics and superb music. The fact that every single song of the band has been loved by its fans proves that there is no way that we can stop the band from making it big.

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  1. Wow! Great article. Never heard of these guys! Like them.

  2. This band is awesome! Liked them for a couple of years now. They are huge on YouTube.

  3. I love their slow, intense vibe. It’s like sex that is slow and passionate.

  4. I was just listening to some of their songs on soundcloud. I’m hooked

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