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Circuit Training – Quick Exercise Regime for the Time-Crunched Individual

Fitness is your mantra when it comes to reveling in the healthiness of your body. Workouts and exercises are a great way to destress and stay fit. With the many workout options that we have, exercise regimes can vary from intense workouts to sports, yoga, and meditation. Finding the right regime and following it to stay healthy is important. Circuit training is one exercise regime that wraps quite a few benefits in it. Many people who go to the gym want to gain muscles and also lose weight. Circuit training combines exercises which can focus on both the areas and help you achieve your fitness targets.

How Does It Work?

Circuit training keeps you engaged by allowing no time to rest as you switch from one exercise to the other. The reason for doing so is to keep your heart rate elevated, which in turn helps you burn calories. The entire training is made up of two to six circuits. In each circuit you quickly move through two or more exercises to work through different groups of muscles. You would either allot a certain period of time to each exercise or complete a specified number of sets of one exercise before you move to the other. There is no rest between these exercises.

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Once a circuit is completed, you give yourself a break of 30 seconds to one minute before starting the next circuit. You can do circuit training in a gym, at home or on a fitness trail. You may want to consider enrolling the help of a trainer if you are new to exercising. A trainer will ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly to ensure maximum benefits. 

Exercises Involved

The variability of the circuit training allows you to choose exercises that will help you focus on the areas that you want. Depending on the body parts that you want to concentrate on, you can use your imagination and creativity to add exercises to cover those body parts. Circuit training is usually used to build strength and stamina. While you can use machines to complete your exercises, there are many routines that can be followed without the use of expensive machines. This means the circuit training can be done at home or on a fitness trail without spending a lot of money on machines.

  • If you are focusing on your core region then exercises like sit-ups with a twist, double crunch, v-ups, hip thrust, and bicycle kicks are helpful.
  • Total body circuit exercises include squat jumps, burpees, skipping, treadmill, and cardio exercises.
  • If you are focusing on your upper body then the exercises suited for you are push-ups including wide, diamond and plyometric push ups, and bench dips.
  • Circuit training exercises for the lower body include single leg kickbacks, box step with knee drive, one leg squat, and forward lunges.

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These are the common exercises which can be included in circuit training. However routines can involve a lot of other exercises as well. The routine is dynamic and can vary from person to person. You can choose exercises that suit you best for your circuit training.


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Who Can Do It?

Circuit training combines a variety of exercises to maximize your fitness routine. People who have limited time for their fitness exercises will find the circuit training to be extremely helpful. It is an excellent way to shed calories, because circuit training does not allow you to rest between exercises, which keeps your heart rate up. It has been noticed that circuit training can help you lose more calories than other exercise regimes. It is also great for those who get bored very quickly when it comes to exercising. So staying fit will not include a boring set of exercises any longer. Circuit training makes your routine quick and precise.

Do You Have A Health Condition?

Circuit training helps you lose weight. Obesity and other health problems like high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure require you to lose weight. Circuit trainings can be helpful, but you must consult your doctor because the intensity of the training leads to higher heart rate.

Diabetics must also ensure that they are aware of how to control their blood sugar if it runs too low during circuit training.

Those who suffer from arthritis must choose a regime which does not involve exercises that put pressure on the joints.

Circuit training is not ideal for someone who has a knee or a back injury. It is best to recover completely before considering the circuit training.

Make your trainer aware of any health condition that you suffer from. This will help them choose exercises that will not take a toll on your health.


To put it all together, circuit trainings are a great way to work out if you are a time-crunched individual who values fitness. You can choose your own exercises and get the most out of your exercise routine in a short period of time.

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