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Behind The Taps: Cougar Bait

Watching cougars (attractive older ladies) either “hunting” younger men or being hunted by a young buck is often quite fun to watch. Many bars have their regular cougars who frequent the bar for a glass of wine or Cosmo. She is often confident and dressed in something that she borrowed from her daughter’s closest or got out of the junior’s section.

A particularly memorable cougar waltzed into the bar one night with a top far too small and no bra. While she was sitting at the bar her nipple kept just popping out for the whole bar to see!  This is a hard subject to approach with a customer. What do you say? “Excuse me darling, but your nipple is showing!”

Depending on the intoxicated level and demeanor of the cougar you may just be better off pretending you can’t see a thing. Perhaps a breeze on her exposed tata or all the stares will force her to figure it out.  If she’s nice I try to find a way to inform her about her embarrassing nakedness without alerting the whole bar.

tits behind the taps photo

As previously mentioned in my other posts, there are many games bartenders and bar staff often play. One of my favorites is Daddy or Date. The title is fairly self explanatory. This game is played by trying to tell from body language whether the couple is a father/daughter duo or a date. This game can often be difficult because some families have weird boundaries. It may even take a sly question or two to find out the answer. If drinks are involved you usually find out sooner or later by a hand slip into the naughty zone. Normally after work shots go to the winner that correctly identifies the male/female matchup.


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JoeBobby asks: So older gals on the prowl are called cougars.  What do you call an older guy on the prowl?

Well JoeBobby I suppose there are a lot of different terms for an older guy on the prowl. At our bar we call them manthers. A manther loves parading his hot, young piece of tail around the bar for all to see. He struts like a peacock with a big, shit eating grin on his face. I have personally seen the age difference as much as 40 years.  Most of the time the younger gal is in her early 20’s.  A couple of times I have witnessed mail order brides in action.  In both instances the gals were in their early 20’s, asian, and could not barely speak english.

 Drink Recipe: Cougar Bait

Get some cheap red wine, mix it with blueberry and orange flavored vodka, depending on the potency will determine the needed amount of vodka. I usually do a shot of each per glass. Fill a wine glass with ice, mix the liquor and wine then some cranberry juice and slices of fruit. I like to squeeze in orange, lemon, and lime slices. Add a slash of soda water or sprite for a nice fizz.

tits behind the taps photo

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