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Creeking – The Perfect Sport For Adrenaline Junkies


If you are an adrenaline junkie, then Creeking is definitely for you. Creeking is a high level, extreme sport, filled with danger. If you are on the adventurous side and don’t mind taking risks, then this sport is perfect for you.

Creeking, which is technically a branch of kayaking, involves descending from very steep and rapid whitewater. It also involves descending from waterfalls and slides or into any steep low-volume river. It tends to be on the dangerous and extreme side of kayaking compared to freestyle or sea-kayaking.

Unique Attributes

A big consideration for the sport of Creeking is very specific water flows. Too little water in a stream or too much water can compromise a Creeker’s safety. In North America creeks normally run fast in the spring when the snow melts. Creeks are more seasonally restricted than rivers because they run a low volume of water most of the year, while rivers run a high volume of water throughout the year. In other parts of the world, glacier fed creeks run high in the spring, summer, and fall giving Creekers three times the window of opportunity for fun.

Creeking comes with its own paddle strokes, which need to be mastered before you Creek for your safety. Some of these strokes have fun names like Boof, Tuck, Stomp, Hole Punch, Jet Ferry, and Power Ferry.

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Since Creeking is a dangerous sport, it requires extra gear that is not required in kayaking and canoeing. This extra equipment can include elbow pads, pin kits, throw bags, float bags, repair kits, first aid kits, and sometimes a face mask attached to the helmet.


Creeking consists of a lot of unique dangers that Creekers need to be aware of to safely enjoy the sport. 

Sieves: This is by far the most dangerous Creeking hazard. As the water in the creek travels underneath the rocks, a Creeker may get sucked underwater and have an impossible time getting back to the surface. 

Undercuts and pinning rocks: A kayak can get struck between two rocks or under a rock against a wall.

Strainers: Strainers or downed trees are often a danger for Creekers that can span the entire width of the creek.

Holes: Hole are created by water rising from the bottom of river. If a Creeker gets caught in a strong hole, it may be impossible to exit the hole safely. 

Waterfalls: Creekers seek waterfalls. The rapid descent and uncertain landing adds to the adrenaline rush. 

Checking Heads (Rooster Tails): Normally creeks drop on long slides over waterfalls. Some of the slides are impeded by rocks. As rapidly descending water strikes rocks it can create a blast of water that looks like a chicken head. Chicken heads can damage boats and Creekers.

Isolation: Creeks can be found in isolated and uninhabited areas of the world. This makes rescue operations difficult if a Creeker gets injured. 


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Best Places To Creek

Cherry Creek in California, is considered to be one of the premier Creeking destinations in the world. There are plenty of slides and waterfalls for all skill levels.

Stein River in British Columbia, is another world famous Creeking destination, that offers extreme rapids, holes, undercuts, step drops, and sieves.

Australia is emerging as a top Creeking destination. However, Australian creeks tend to be a bit finicky as they usually require a period of rain before they are suitable for Creeking.

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Creeking is an adventurous sport, which was recently developed, and is yet to be explored in some parts of the world.  The First Descent is a term used for Creeking a small stream that has not previously been paddled. Searching for hidden creeks is exciting and can lead to an extreme adrenaline rush knowing that you are the first person to ever float that creek.


Creeking is a fun filled sport and although it contains danger, it never disappoints those looking for adventure and adrenaline boosts. If Creekers keep a few safety precautions in mind and have the proper gear, Creeking can be enjoyed throughout the planet. 

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