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Game Of War: Life In The Hive

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SpiketoHeart’s question: My alliance always wants me to be in the hive. Why? I like to move about the kingdom!

This is a great question and it’s an issue that has come up in every alliance I have belonged to over the course of six alliances. Basically the alliance wants you close to the hive to help out other players, contribute to the alliance city, and provide a certain degree of protection for all the players in the alliance.

All of these reasons for being in the alliance hive have their strong points, however being in the hive is not always best for a player. In my kingdom of Etumos my alliance gOe is the 6th biggest alliance at almost 9.8 billion. However the biggest player in the kingdom is 9.9 billion in power in alone. This titan is bigger than my whole alliance combined and can pretty much whip our asses any time he wants to go pillaging. I have observed that any player of over 500 million can pretty much attack our alliance at will even though we have several players over 1 billion in power. Our larger players just figure they will take too much damage to repeal the attacker. In fact we generally have a bigger player from a competing alliance visit our hive every couple days for free for all farming party. So the idea of being protected by being in the hive is not true. At just over 19 million I am shielded at all times.

The argument of being in the hive to help out other players and the alliance city is valid. However, a player can be close to the hive and still accomplish this goal.

My ideal place to camp when I was a smaller player was within a 5 minutes march of the hive. This way I fall off the radar of the bigger players that constantly farm our alliance, but I was still close enough to help other players and the alliance city. I have found I can avoid about 60% of the attacks that the hive receives.


My alliance is always at the maximum capacity and frequently bump players from the alliance. During the last purging one of the contributing factors for getting axed was not being in the hive. In reality at my power and at level 20 I have long build times and require large amounts of resources to keep the building process moving along. So to build and progress in the game I have to be shielded all the time anyway so it really doesn’t matter where I camp. Might as well be in the hive and not worry about the constant orders from the R4s to be in the hive.

Have fun and remember this is just a game! Always remember Don’t Be An A-Hole and tile hit or kill fellow kingdom heroes!

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