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Deep Thoughts About Game Of War

Hello Game of War (GOW) players. Let me introduce myself. I am Air Tractor and have been playing GOW for roughly two years. I refuse to pay, however I do play everyday and have managed to build my account to 30 billion.

In this blog I will be discussing GOW strategy from the perspective of not paying to play. In my humble opinion paying to play is really ruining the game. I know that is the whole point of the game and it won’t change, but it still sucks ass! For example, during the last kingdom vs. kingdom event I saw a player that was over 20 trillion in power. His kingdom was half as old as my kingdom. I have heard from alliance chat that for every billion in power a player pays $500 USD. So this cat has spent some serious cash. I suck at math, but it would take me a long damn time to reach 20 trillion and by the time I got there players would be over 500 trillion in power.

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Let’s take a question.

baldTurd69 asks: With so many trillion power players is the game even worth playing for smaller players that don’t wanna pay?

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baldTurd69 I do believe that GOW is still worth playing, especially with the new alliance city building that is going on. At 30 billion in power I can’t square off with the trillion power knot heads that have more money than sense, but I still enjoy killing monsters, growing my city, and helping build my alliance’s city!


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So with so many dumb asses playing to pay, GOW has had no problem paying for a $40 million ad campaign. I say well played GOW for selecting Kate Upton for your ads. Everyone enjoys a big breasted blonde! More booby shaking ads please!

Back to GOW for me! I got some research to do! Please check in for more earth shattering GOW strategy and discussion. Always remember to protect your hero and Don’t Be An A-Hole!


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