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Dorothy – A Quartet That Drinks Deep From The Well Of Rock

Soulful energy wrapped in heart thumping beats and bad-ass vocals personify the LA quartet which is named after its lead singer’s first name – Dorothy. This LA outfit is here to make rock cool all over again. The upbeat personalities and easy-going nature of the band members will remind you of rock bands that have kept rock music alive through their edgy lyrics and superb beats. Although they may not have reached the umbrella of mainstream attention, these bands are always under the radar keeping rock alive in its many forms and iterations.

Dorothy is a band that is fairly new to the world of rock music fans. They haven’t even created a full length album yet, so there is a lot left for us to figure out. So far the band has been keeping it real with a string of singles and their latest self-named EP.

Band Members:

Dorothy Martin –Her revved up personality on the stage could hardly describe Dorothy Martin, the band’s lead singer and songwriter, as an introvert. But that’s what she says about herself – ““I’m kind of shy. I make up for it by trying to be outgoing but on the inside I’m probably freaking out half the time. I try to challenge myself and overcome all of that.” She does admit that she has a sailor mouth and with her superbly confident persona on the stage, it is difficult to accept her as ‘shy’.

music photo Dorothy rock band

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Dorothy traces her roots to Budapest, Hungary but she lived there for just three years before her family moved to San Diego. She took up singing since the age of six when she drew her inspiration for music from her dad’s record collection which ranged from Pink Floyd to Michael Jackson. Nirvana and AC/DC influenced her in the early years where her focus was primarily on the feelings expressed through their songs rather than the artists who sung it. She finally came over her anxiety of facing an audience and now enjoys playing for the public.

Mark Jackson –Mark Jackson is the guitarist of the band. The band was formed when Dorothy had met Mark Jackson and his production partner Ian Scott in early 2013.

Zac Morris – The drummer of the band, Zac Morris. He also plays for Ugly Kid Joe and Thrown Into Exile.

Gregg Cash – Bassist Gregg Cash is one of the most respected session players. He provides those soulful beats to the music for Dorothy that makes their listeners drool.


The band began when Dorothy Martin met Mark Jackson in 2013 with ideas of some songs and the plan to put together a band. On June, 2014, the band’s debut, “After Midnight” premiered on VICE network Noisy. The video of the live performance was recorded at Swinghouse Studios in Hollywood.


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Vocalist Dorothy’s robust voice, the bone shaking beats and her trademark attire caught the attention of people and the song got the hype it needed for the band to become famous. The song gained traction in Los Angeles as well as internationally. Huffington Post rated After Midnight as #1 in its list of ’12 songs you need to know this week’ on July 24, 2014. It referred to the band as ‘dangerous’, ‘kick-ass’ and ‘exactly what rock needs’.

The quartet recorded their debut EP in a spare bedroom at Ian Scott’s residence in LA. It was released on October 28, 2014.

music photo Dorothy rock band

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Early 2015, Complex premiered the video of Wicked Ones which led to increased popularity for the band. Dorothy signed a deal with Roc Nation in 2015. They are now working on a full-length album.

Top Songs:

Dorothy is the kind of quartet that can pummel you into the ground with its soaring vocals and bellowing beats. The band has only one EP available as a digital download and a handful of singles. While every song has an awesome effect on your mind, the best creations of the band are after Midnight and Wicked Ones. After Midnight was the song which created ripples in the world of rock and most of the band’s popularity is accredited to this song. Other songs of the band are also really cool and worth checking out.


You will be hearing the name of this band more often as it releases more songs and albums, because this LA outfit has the energy and vibes which are needed to make it big. With a beauty like Dorothy Martin whose whiskey-influenced voice which has a raw power in it, and a guitarist, bassist and drummer that enjoy creating soul-wrenching music, things could hardly go wrong.

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