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Adventures With Jayde: Dr. Gingerbread


Continued from Blame It On Yoga…..

I got all dolled up and attended my appointment with doctor…lets call her “Gingerbread”, because she was a mighty sweet treat…..yum. When I arrived I sat in the waiting room for about twenty minutes filling out the proper paperwork until the Medical Assistant called me into an examination room. The MA (which was a hottie) took the usual blood pressure, temperature and weight before leaving.

As I sat there waiting for my examination my mind began to fantasize about what she would look like.   I envisioned a hot, lesbian doctor in a very short, baby doll dress, overly done make-up, and curled purple locks.

Another twenty minutes or so passed and in walked this petite, bomb shell with long, red tinted hair tied up in a bun, thick, black rimmed glasses. She looked nothing like my fantasy doctor. She was wearing a long, white lab coat and carrying a medical chart that she was writing notes into at a furious pace.

I immediately pictured her on the floor with my legs wrapped around her face.


She turned to face me and paused. My first thought was,”Oh yeah. She likes what she sees….”

“Hello Ms. Ummm Lei. I see you are here for a tear in your left rotator cuff?”

“Yes, you would be correct!”

“May I ask how this injury occurred?” she then asked.

I chuckled and explained my entire masturbatory misadventure.

Dr. Gingerbread and I both had a wondrous laugh whilst my explanation. She then explained the normal procedures of trying physical therapy before contemplating surgery. I nodded in agreement with her.  I wasn’t paying much attention to her words and was focused on her huge, perky tits peeking through the unbuttoned portion of her lab coat.


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I felt she sensed this because she began to speed up her discussion about my shoulder. Before we ended the conversation I decided to take a chance and bring up my friend, Dr. P., whom referred me to her office. I asked her how she knew him. She was a bit reserved at first, but soon opened up. Our conversation carried on for another fifteen minutes  I asked her if she would like to join our mutual friend and I for a round of cocktails that night. She respectfully declined.

I left with the notion I lost any and all chances to get her panties wet. I shrugged and brushed off the rejection, called Dr. P., and asked him out for drinks.

That night we ended up at this great hipster bar just chatting and drinking away. Mid-conversation Dr. P received a phone call from a female. I didn’t pay much attention as he is always chasing after a favor of the month.

After an hour or so he pardon himself as his phone rang once more, stepped outside, and came back in with gorgeous Dr. Gingerbread.

My face immediately lit up. I scurrying out of my stool and ran over to hug her in excitement. We all sat down and I ordered us a round of shots and drinks. Two shots and five cocktails later Dr. Gingerbread was inebriated. Her entire persona went from stern\conservative to white girl wasted and I loved every moment of it. Before long she began flirting with me and before you know it we were making out in the bathroom. Which was really hot by the way! She managed to pick me up in a straddling position, slammed me against the bathroom wall, and shoved her tongue down my throat. I am creaming just writing about it! Yum!

She whispered in my ear to come back to her place and I totally obliged. I paid the tab and we taxied back to her place.

The rest of the night was raunchy and filthy. I left her house shortly after naughty time happy as a pig in poo.

My shoulder is still in immense pain and I now have to find another doctor, but it was worth the experience!

Yours Lewdly,

Jayde Onyx Lei

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