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Game Of War: Dungeons, Treasuries, and Alliance Cities

Congratulations Lockeye, Mosman, and IceCold6 for winning TTS Swag!

Hello fellow GOW players. Normally I like to answer one question a week and really answer it in detail. However, I am getting so many questions I figured I better take a few extra questions this week. This is great news for GOW Thrill Seekers because the TTS Swag is flying out the door!

Lockeye asks: What do you think of the new dungeon?

I have to say I am always impressed with ZM on how they come up with new ways for players to spend money. In reality the dungeon is a variation of the casino. The graphics are cool in the dungeon. I really think the dragon looks badass and when you strike the dragon it looks like lighting. Everyday a player gets a free attack. After that free attack is used up a player has to get their checkbook out to get more dark energy to continue to strike the dragon.

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I have never seen the prizes in the max attack mode. However, in normal mode the prizes are fairly lame. I have received a few gifts of gold in the 150 range, but these large hauls of gold are far and few between.

I don’t pay to play GOW. I have read on alliance chat from our larger alliance players that it is better deal to buy packs. In my humble opinion it’s not a good deal to spend any money on this game, but I am a minority in my miser like approach to the game.

Mosman asks: Is it worth it to donate to the alliance city?

Yes it is worth it to donate to the alliance city. My alliance is at full capacity and often makes cuts to allow new players to join. One of the factors the R4’s use to cut players is how much a player has donated to the alliance city.


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I have a level 20 city and have long build times to upgrade everything. When I have long training, research, and building upgrade times I normally donate my extra reserves to the city. I get a kick out of helping the alliance city grow. Helping your alliance is the whole point of being in an alliance.

IceCold6 asks: Do you ever use the treasury?

Lol, no I never use the treasury because I have never had the 10,000 in gold to deposit. The only way I can stay in the game by not spending any money is constantly being shielded. To buy three-day shields I need 2,500 in gold. So I use all my gold for three-day shields and never have the 10,000 to deposit.

Looking at the rates of return in the treasury a 30-day certificate of deposit is 85% of the amount deposited. That is a super good rate of return. I sure wished it was that good at the local bank. I could see where a player that spends a lot of money on this game could work that rate of return to their advantage.


It is cool the treasury allows a player to remove their deposit before the certificate reaches full maturity. However, if a player takes their money out early they will not receive any earnings from the interest. The treasury could enforce a penalty for withdrawing funds before the certificate reaches full maturity like a real bank.

Thank you for all the questions. I am glad Thrill Seekers are getting a kick out of this blog. Always remember that this is a game and Don’t Be An A-Hole!

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