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Educated Drafting

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Tis the season for fantasy football drafting. At this point in the preseason you have already drafted or for the bulk of us you will be drafting very soon. I am sure you are bombarded with stats and articles about whom to draft and who not to draft.

Mainly what you are looking at are history or predictions and neither of them are really worth the paper they are written on. Just because a player scored a lot of fantasy points last year doesn’t mean they will score a lot of points this year. Predictions are great, but they are really just educated guesses. To add injury to insult in a draft you will not get all the players you are hoping to add to your team. Maybe a guy should just wear a blind-fold and start throwing darts at a draft board.

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So what is a guy suppose to do to draft well. First off read all about your league and understand the different scoring opportunities. League organizers generally like to mess around with standard league to make it their own. So read the fine print in your league and make sure you can score well if you are quizzed on your league’s point structure.

Secondly take a hard look at each team’s personal. This last weekend Jordy Nelson, wide receiver for the Packers, had a season ending injury. However, the Packers have a top rate GM with Ted Thompson that has drafted well for the Packers. The Packers have a great head coach with Mike McCarthy. They also have a great quarter back in Aaron Rodgers. No offense meant to Jordy, but basically any NFL receiver that fills his shoes will do well. Jeff Janis should excel.

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In fantasy football receivers, running backs, and quarterbacks reign supreme. Looking at the Packers as top ranked team it would make sense to draft heavily from the Packer’s talent pool. This drafting decision would be based on fact instead of predictions or history. A guy would do well to draft the Packer’s third or even fourth receiver on the depth chart depending on the draft round.

Other solid teams to keep in your back pocket for draft gold mines are the Seahawks, Colts, Broncos, and Steelers. All of these teams are filled with offensive power and deep talent pools. Drafting from these teams will help you narrow down your choices and get focused on point machines.

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Conversely be leery of teams that suck, but have one great player. All it takes is an injury or two and the great player will not have an opportunity to shine. Your first or second draft pick will not produce the points you were hoping for and will kill your season.

We are already discussed that fantasy football is generally focused on the running backs, wide receivers and quarterbacks. Most leagues do not give any points to the offensive line. However, without a strong offensive line the quarterback can’t stay on his feet to throw, which kills points for the quarterback and wide receivers. Not only that but a weak offensive line will not create holes for the running back. Not a problem if you are drafting Barry Sanders, but nobody is getting him, so you better take a serious look at teams with great offensive lines.

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The best offensive lines in the league are the Cowboys, Bengals, Ravens, and Packers. I would have put the Steelers in this group as well until Maurkice Pouncey got injured. Now the Steelers have question marks surrounding them.

By sifting through all the draft noise I hope I have helped you fine tune your choices by drafting from solid teams with outstanding personal, drafting from teams with a strong offensive line, and knowing your league inside and out.

Of course any strategy will get knocked off its rocker by a key injury or two. But that is the fun of fantasy football.

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