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Extreme Motorsport Of Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is an adventurous water sport, performed through the aid of a motorized water craft. Jet Ski, made by Kawasaki, is regarded as the first commercial, successful watercraft in the USA. The development of the first Jet Ski, in 1973, revolutionized water sports. The WSAA and WSAB were the first jet ski watercraft, models introduced and since then personal watercraft are being used all over the globe. Today, jet skis are not only used for sports and recreation, they are also used in saving lives on the water.

Equipment Needed

Anyone involved in jet skiing must have some jet ski clothing, accessories, and a watercraft. For safety reasons, a life jacket is the most important clothing for jet skiing. They come in varieties of sizes and brands and they can save you from drowning when an accident happens. Aside from a life jacket, you will also need a dock line, as no string can work to station your jet ski. Just like a dock, you need an anchor to station your jet ski in a cove, and a folding anchor is mostly recommended. You will need fenders to prevent damages to the sides of the dock and ski. You will need a shock tube to extend the tow rope of your jet ski and a folding paddle, which may be needed in case the engine of your jet ski stops in the middle of the water.

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You need a bicycle lock to secure the jet ski around the front bow hook, and a cable lock can protect your jet ski when docked.  Other jet ski accessories you may need include a whistle or horn, dry bag, trailer accessories, cleaner/polisher, and safety emergency kit. 

Some other accessories that are not common include smartphone protection accessories. These are normally used as internal docking stations for the smartphone, and they do have cases and charging points.

Top 3 Major Jet Skiing Contests

The International Water Ski Federation

The International Water Ski Federation hosts the largest jet skiing contest in the world in late January. This is normally a biennial event that hosts the finest jet ski champions from all across the major continents. The FISU World University water ski championship is one of the events hosted by the International Water Ski Federation for undergraduates of universities across the world. Any rated skiing professional can register for this event.


Another popular jet skiing contest is the IWWF (International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation) Elite Skiing Championship, which is held between the 7th of February and 16th of February of each year. The Finals are divided into the male and female categories. This is one of the best competitively priced jet ski events in the world. 


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Slalom Finals

The Water Ski World Championships is another jet ski competition that normally attracts professionals from 24 countries, including Europe, Africa, Oceania, South America, and North America. This sporting event usually host champions from registered countries and the best representatives from each country are entered into draws. The dates for these events are normally announced and communicated to respective countries before the end of each year.

Best Places To Jet Ski

Jet skiing is not an activity individuals can perform anywhere they find water. The height of waves in some water may look safe, but accidents do occur when individuals jet ski in waves that are greater than their ability level. Waves can decrease visibility and may quickly change direction. Conditions are usually better for jet skiing in the morning because of gentle winds. Aside from the wind, you need to avoid places with seaweed beds and outcroppings of rocks. It is ideal to jet ski in the direction of the wind and not against it, especially when you are an amateur.

The best places to jet ski in the world are usually the most adventurous cities. These places include Southern California, South and Western parts of Australia, the Western coast of the United States, and the South Western regions of South America. Each country surrounded by massive waters will always have some specific destinations where jet skiing can be practiced.

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