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Inline Skating: Extreme Fun On Wheels

Inline Skating

Popularity of the inline skating game is increasing day by day all over the world. Teenagers and children especially  love inline skating, but more and more adults are taking up the sport. 

History Of Inline Skating

The first roller skates were invented by John Joseph Merlin. He was born in Belgium in 1735. He is also famous for various kinds of musical instrument inventions. There are many categories of roller skates and inline skates are one of them. Frenchman, Louis Legrange is the inventor of inline skate. He invented them in 1849, for an opera. Actors used inline skates to simulate ice skating on the stage. In the USA, manufacturing of the modern inline skate began in 1953. From 1970s, many companies started to supply equipment for inline skating. 

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Inline Skating Equipment

The inline skating boot is fixed to a frame that also holds the wheels. Bearings permit the wheels to spin loosely around an axle. A rubber brake is usually added to the frame of the right boot. 

Inline Skating Safety Equipment

Inline skaters should always wear a helmet to protect them from the inevitable crash. Additional crash protection equipment can include knee and elbow pads plus a fitted mouthguard. To be extra safe inline skaters should always wear long pants and long sleeved shirts. 


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Inline Skating Dangers 

A collision between two skaters or colliding with some type of object is a common incident. Loosing balance or falling on hard surface is another common accident for skaters.

Inline skaters should take special care not to collide with pedestrians or innocent bystanders. Always skate under control and be aware of tricky terrain ahead. 

Inline Skating Competitions

As the popularity of inline skating grew so did the need for competitions. Some famous inline skating events are: World Championships, X Games, Dew Tour, Street League, Copenhagen Pro, Tampa Pro, Simple Sessions, Mystic Cup, PS4 Series, and the Adrenalin Games to name a few.

Best Places To Skate In The USA

Top 10 areas in USA for inline skating adventures:

    1. Central Park, New York City
    2. Boulder Creek Path, Boulder, Colorado
    3. Rock Creek Park, Washington, DC.
    4. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California.
    5. The Lakes, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    6. Veloway at Circle C, Austin, Texas.
    7. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Philadelphia.
    8. The Strand, Pacific Palisades, California.
    9. Lakefront Path, Chicago, Illinois. 
    10. Fort Lauderdale Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

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