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Fantasy Football: The Secret To Legalized Gambling

If you are like me and don’t want to get drunk intentionally during Sunday football, I have a game for you. Take a drink every time you see a Fan Duel or Draft Kings commercial advertising the next big winner could be YOU!!!! By the end of next Sunday you will A.) Swear off drinking for the rest of your life B.) Call in sick to work at 4:00pm on Sunday or C.) Sign up for one of the sites, enter in a weeks’ worth of pay and be divorced by the following Sunday. In other words, nothing good really will come of this game, but you can say to yourself, ” I didn’t intentionally get drunk, it just happen because of the commercials.”

I cannot remember when I saw such a blatant in your face push of gambling. I mean Vegas doesn’t even push gambling that much. The commercials were almost running one after another. It got to a point that I didn’t even know who was who. I truly believe right now that you could go to either site, sign up and enter the promo code “poop,” it would double your deposit. All in the name of fantasy football which is somehow not gambling.The Thrill Of Sports

So you are saying that I put money down, pick my team and compete against other people in games ranging from $1 to $1000 (maybe more, but I am too afraid to even look, being the degenerate gambler that I am) in a winner take all at the end of the games each week and that is not gambling? This is ok to promote as not gambling? So, if I want to bet $100 on the Chiefs beating the Broncos on Thursday night, that is illegal except in three states. However, picking players from the teams is ok in any state? What am I missing here?


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The two fantasy leagues that I am in both require money to be paid out at the end of each season and I am trying my luck at starting and benching players week in and week out to win. That sounds like gambling to me. If there is money exchanged with a chance of losing it by luck and not by your action, then I would say it is gambling.

They don’t even hide behind the option that this is not a gambling site and you can play for free like the old poker site commercials. They are loud and proud to say “Enter you deposit, double your deposit, and win your millions.” And for some reason, the NFL is ok with all this, but won’t support gambling directly per game.  

The NFL will waste time, money and resources on deflated balls for the integrity of the game, but it will allow fantasy football gambling’s sites to dominate week 1 commercials. Not to mention the Draft Kings or Fan Duel spot light on ESPN or the push of the Draft Kings or Fan Duel promo on the NFL network. The integrity of the game just got sold out to promo code “Poop” and nobody even is batting an eyelash. Oh well, at least I will be drunk during  afternoon and evenings games.

One gambling tip I forgot to share. Usually a safe bet is betting against any West Coast team playing an East Coast team in the early time slot, especially college. Those poor West Coast teams just can’t get up for a noon game East Coast time. Easy money and you can tip me when you win big. Man, I am glad football is back.

by Saint Jimma

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