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Fantasy Football Week #10

Week #9 is in the books and fantasy football teams are looking forward to week #10. There is a lot to discuss this week so let’s jump right in to the action.

Bye Week

Teams with bye weeks are the 49ers, Chargers, Colts, and Falcons. Don’t be the guy in your league that starts a player that is sitting home drinking beer on Sunday.


Packers vs. Lions, Panthers vs. Titans, Broncos vs. Chiefs, Patriots vs. Giants, and Bengals vs. Texans.

There are a lot of even matches this week that could go either way. Make sure to look at individual players against the teams that they are facing. A team may have a strong defense, but have problems covering a TE. Your WR may be going against the best corner in the league. Be sure to look at individual match ups.


If you drafted any of the Steeler’s Big 3 this year I really feel for you. Here we go again with injuries. For another week we are playing the guessing game of is Big Ben playing or not? If he is not you can rule AB out as well.

Brees in the top 5 rankings this week? Some experts have him as high as 2 and others down to 7. Final decision is that nobody really knows. If you start Brees prepare to roll the dice. Several predictions say he should do well for the rest of the year. The Saints defense is horrible so he will be forced to win by tossing the ball.

Do you start Peyton Manning or not? Another tough decision for fantasy owners. He missed some practice this week, he is projected to start, but how effective will he be?

Carr should be sleeper start. The Raiders will lose against the Vikings. However, the Vikings have a 6th ranked defense against the pass, but they haven’t faced any top throwers. Carr has been on a roll. Look for great things from him this week.

Running Backs

For owners with Williams you have some thinking to do. The Browns have a horrible run defense, but Williams has missed practice due to a sore foot.

Murray is picking up steam as the NFL progresses. He is facing a horrible Dolphins run defense, so expect a point’s explosion.

Ingram is listed as 6th on some RB polls. The problem with Ingram is that he is not scoring touchdowns. Don’t automatically start him based on the polls. Take a hard look at your other players looking for more favorable match ups.

Tight Ends

Reed is ranked as high as 4th in some polls. That is a bit ambitious considering his fantasy points total for the year. Don’t automatically start him. Only start Reed if you have to because you don’t have anyone better.

Olsen is about as close to a sure pick as you will get in for TE’s in fantasy football. Expect a good, but not great performance this week.

Rodgers has not been exciting all season. The entire Packer’s offense got shut down last week against the stout Bronco’s defense. However, this is good matchup for Rodgers. Expect a decent fantasy point’s weekend for him.

Wide Receivers

Sorry AB owners. It has been a roller coaster ride for owners this season. With Big Ben in question of starting and Jones probably starting do you start AB. The polls have him down to 13th. Look at your other WR, but AB could be a sleeper this week. Jones is not great, but he can toss the ball. We all know AB can catch it.

Does Cobb really deserve the #1 WR spot? He faces a marginal defense this week and Rodgers has been struggling. Just because his name is on top of the list don’t assume he is an automatic start.

Beckham Jr. has been awesome at times this year in point’s production. Will he continue the trend this week against a decent Patriots defense? Ranked 4th may be stretching his worth a bit, but expect an average outing for him.


The Broncos defense should continue to roll against the Chief’s middle-of-the-road offense.

The Steeler’s defense will be the sleeper defense of the week. At the start of the season this defense was not predicted to do great things. However, they have shocked a lot of fantasy pros. They keep getting better every week. Although they struggled against the Raiders, expect a dominating performance against the Browns.

The Jet’s defense is banged up, especially in the secondary, but the Bills are primarily a run offense unless they get behind in the second quarter. Expect the Jet’s defense to slow down the run and have a good week.


We are starting into week #10 games. The playoff picture is starting to get crystal clear.. Start thinking trading and picking up players on the waiver wire that will be in the playoffs. At this point it is obvious the Bengals, Broncos, Packers, and Panthers are going to be in the playoffs. Start making some trades for players on these teams.

Good luck this week and kick some ass this week in your league!

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