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Fantasy Football Week #13

Week #12 is in the books and fantasy football teams are looking forward to week #13. There is a lot to discuss this week so let’s jump right in to the action.

Undefeated Patriots fell from glory this week leaving the Panthers as the only undefeated team.

Bye Week

No byes for the rest of the season. You are in the clear and can relax about starting a player on a bye week.


Panthers vs. Saints, and Packers vs. Lions, although the Packers are starting to cool down, Bengals vs. Browns, Broncos vs. Chargers, Patriots vs. Eagles, and Cardinals vs. Rams.

There are a lot of uneven matches this week that could lead to a great chance for fantasy players to make a lot of points. At this point in the season there is a lot of data available. Start your best players based on 11 games of data.


The top seven quarterbacks in most polls deserve to be there.

Looking down at the #10 is Big Ben. Big Ben had a concussion against the Seahawks, but he will probably start and if he does expect huge numbers against a porous Colt’s defense. Ben racked up huge yardage last week, but fell short in touchdowns. This week it could be a shower of touchdowns. He has the receivers to make it happen.

Look hard at starting Rivers against a stout Broncos defense. Rivers has been a decent scoring fantasy quarterback all season, but against the Broncos defense look at your bench and waiver wire.

Wilson lit up the Steeler’s decent defense for 34 fantasy points last week. The Vikings have a better defense than the Steelers and I predict Wilson will struggle this week.

Running Backs

Peterson is ranked #1 in most polls this week. He scored 29 points last week against the Falcons, but only nine points the week before against the Packers. I believe the Seahawk’s defense is better than the Packer’s defense. Consider what RBs you have on your bench and check the waiver wire.

Williams is ranked #2 in a lot of polls and goes against a Colt’s defense that is giving up 18 fantasy points per game. Williams caught 8 passes last week against the Vikings, but this week the Steelers will feast on a porous Colt’s secondary. #2 is a bit optimistic for Williams.

Freeman ranked #3 is way too high. He is coming off of a concussion and facing a decent Buc’s defense. It has been since week #6 since he has scored decent fantasy points. Maybe a flex starter, but not a starting RB unless he is all you have on your rooster.

Tight Ends

Gronk is possibly out for this week’s action with a knee injury, so if you have been relying on him all season for TE points production you will have to do some researching this week. Chandler had a season high 11 fantasy points last week. The Patriots are injury riddled in the WR department and like to use a two TE formation. However, Chandler will face an Eagles defense that is second best in the league against TEs with 3.8 points. Starting Chandler will be a real head scratcher this week.

Another head scratcher will be Eifert against the Browns. He had three touchdowns last time they meet, however he is struggling with a neck injury. To start or not to start is the question. Wait until the last second before submitting your fantasy lineup this week if you are considering starting Eifert.

Wide Receivers

Brown ranked #1? Not so sure. Brown scored five fantasy points last week and seems to be dependent on Big Ben as a quarterback. Whether Big Ben of Laundry starts, this will be a high passing yards game. Brown gets targeted by the best cover man on every defense allowing room for Wheaton and Bryant to take some of Brown’s fantasy points. Not saying you should not start Brown, just saying he is not an obvious #1.

#2 ranked Jones crashed and burned last week producing five fantasy points. He has not scored a touchdown in the last three games and faces decent Buc’s secondary. On top of all that Ryan is struggling. Think hard about starting Jones.

In my opinion Beckham Jr. should be ranked #1 this week. He does well especially in PPR leagues, gets a ton of passes thrown his way, and is facing a Jet’s defense that is possible to rack up fantasy points on in gobs.


The Cardinals D is ranked #1 in a lot of polls this week even though they have not produced a double-digit fantasy football tally since week #5. They have a good matchup against the Rams, but remain cautious with starting this D.

The Bears D is ranked #2 in several polls this week. Why? Beats the hell out of me. They scored 10 fantasy points in week #10 otherwise they have sucked. Don’t start the Bear’s D.


We are starting into week #13 games. The playoff picture is starting to get crystal clear. Start thinking trading and picking up players on the waiver wire that will be in the playoffs. At this point it is obvious the Bengals, Broncos, Packers, and Panthers are going to be in the playoffs. In fact in most divisions the playoff picture already complete. There is a good race going in the wild card positions. Start making some trades for players on these teams.

Good luck this week and kick some ass this week in your league!

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