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Fantasy Football Week #17

Week #16 is in the books and fantasy football teams are looking forward to week #17. There is a lot to discuss this week so let’s jump right in to the action.

Every team in the NFL has at least one loss going into the final regular season game. At this point in your league you have already made the playoffs, been eliminated from the playoffs or have a tight battle this weekend to get into the playoffs.

Over the last few weeks you should have been positioning your team for the playoffs by trading for players that will be in the post season. Most of the playoff teams are decided so trade and scramble to get the players you need to be a serious contender in the post season.

Bye Week

No byes for the rest of the season. You are in the clear and can relax about starting a player on a bye week.


Bengals vs. Ravens, Redskins vs. Cowboys, Colts vs. Titans, Patriots vs. Dolphins, Panthers vs. Bucs, and the Broncos vs. Chargers.

At this point in the season there is a lot of data available. Start your best players based on 16 games of data.


Eli Manning is ranked #2 in several polls. Manning is only productive when he has Beckham Jr. available and he does this week. Manning has produced middle to the road fantasy points this season, so in my book he is not an automatic start. Be sure to look at your bench and the waiver wire. Hopefully you have a playoff bound quarterback on your rooster.

Palmer is ranked #5 this week. He had a great game against Seattle earlier in the season and he is playing for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. He is battling a finger injury and his stats have been just o.k. for the last couple of weeks. Obviously you will want to start him in the playoffs, but this game he may be a good bench prospect.

Poor Rodgers owners. At the start of the season he was a great draft pick and he will be in the playoffs, but last week was a disaster and his fantasy points have been dismal lately. He will have an easier week against the Vikings, but I would bench him this week if you have another decent quarterback.

Running Backs

Johnson will have very tough week against the best defense in the league against running backs. Don’t expect 40 fantasy points like he got a couple of weeks ago against the Eagles. I don’t believe he should be ranked #2 this week and may be a good bench prospect. The Cardinals have already clinched their division and may rest Johnson this week.

Don’t expect Stewart to play this week. Bench him.

Hill going against the Ravens. Bench him. The Ravens allowed for the Steelers to make some yards against them last week, but Hill’s fantasy point’s production this season has been dismal.

Tight Ends

Gronk is ranked #1 again this week just like he has all season. The Patriots lost last week and home field advantage throughout the playoffs is still a factor. Start him.

Olsen is ranked #2, but his fantasy production has been dismal the last few weeks. He had a horrible game against the Bucs the last time they meet, plus this game is not really important for the Panthers so put Olsen on the bench.

Barnidge is ranked #3 against the Steeler’s defense. He had a touchdown the last time they played and the Steeler’s defense has had trouble against TEs this season. His point’s production has not been that great. In my opinion he is not a #3 TE, but he does have favorable matchup and the Browns are not going to hold him back because they are not going to the playoffs so starting Barnidge could go either way.

Wide Receivers

Brown is ranked #3 in most polls this week and should be #1. He had a horrible game last week, but the Steelers need to win to keep their playoff hopes alive and the Steelers will try to light it up against a porous Brown’s secondary.

Jones should be sharing the #1 spot with AB this week. He has had two great games in a row and has a great matchup against the Saints. Start him.

Do not start Jeffery. He did not practice all week.

Otherwise the polls for WR this week look pretty solid.


The Ravens D is ranked #2 in a few polls. The Ravens lucked out last week against the Steelers and face a great offense with the Bengals. I would not start the Ravens D unless you have no other options.

The Steeler’s D has ranked near the top a few times this season and face a must win situation this week against the Browns. The Steeler’s D has been a real roller coaster ride for most fantasy league owners, but this week expect great points production.

The Seahawk’s D has been great this season, but they are going against a Cardinals offense that has been the hardest against fantasy defenses all season. Bench the Seahawk’s D this week.


We are starting into week #17 games. The playoff picture is starting crystal clear. At this point in the season if you have a playoff contending team then you should have already made trades to make sure you have players that will be in the playoffs. Keep your eye out for players on the waiver wire or start firing up the trading machine.

The Steelers have been a hell of a fly in the ointment all season. Big Ben, AB, and Bell have produced a lot of points, totally laid eggs, and fought injuries. The Steelers need the Jets to lose and they need to win to make the playoffs. I think the Steelers will win against the Browns, but I do not see the Jets losing against the Bills. So if you have Steelers players on your rooster do not plan on them helping you in the playoffs.

Good luck this week and kick some ass this week in your league!

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