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Fantasy Football Week #3

Week #2 is in the books and fantasy footballers are looking at how to improve their team and score the most point in third week of the season.

Let’s look at some key injuries and matchups.

The biggest injury of week #2 is Romo. He is out for at least eight weeks. The Cowboys brought in Matt Cassel to back up Brandon Weeden. Do you dare start or trade for Weeden against Atlanta? Especially without Dez Bryant and possibly Jason Witten. Not only NO, but hell NO!

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Drew Brees, quarterback for the Saints looks like he will be playing against the 0-3 Panthers. After getting smacked for the last two weeks, if you have Brees this may be a good week to start him.

For those that drafted Andrew Luck, sorry! Perhaps the biggest disappointment in the first two-week’s of the season. Several polls have him ranked as high at fourth. They are smoking crack in my opinion and his crappy performance will continue against the Titans.

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Expect a great points barrage from Russell Wilson. The Bear’s defense has been terrible this year. I believe his rankings in the polls are pretty accurate.

Two huge point makers last week came from the same team, the Steelers. The Steelers face the Rams this week, which have a good defense. Considering the Ram’s defense I would still start Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers (30.66 points last week). This offense is filled with weapons he can deploy and there is not a defense that can stop him. The big question is do you start Le’Veon Bell or DeAngelo Williams, Steelers (27.20 points last week). In several standard league polls Bell is ranked second. I think this ranking is very ambitious. Last year Bell was a fantasy point’s monster. However, last year the Steelers had no backup and it showed in the playoffs. My guess is the Steelers will slowly work Bell into the lineup and still use Williams. I think the points will be split between the two of them.

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Another ambitious RB ranking is Jamaal Charles ranked second or third depending on the poll your looking at going against a decent Packer’s defense. I am not advocating not starting him, just saying if you have another premier RBs on your team think hard.

I do like Chris Ivory going against a horrible Eagles defense. Chris is 11th in the standard league poll I am looking at and I believe he could have a big points weekend.

Last week’s leading points receiver Travis Benjamin, Browns (29.50 points) is going against Oakland’s porous defense this weekend. This is going to be a point’s explosion for Benjamin.

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Last week’s second leading points receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals (29.20 points) is going against San Francisco this week. Look what Brown did last week against this struggling defense.

Every one knows Gronk is the man for scoring regarding TE’s, but last week Crockett Gillmore, Ravens (20.80 points) lead TE’s in scoring. Yes Gronk is a great bet always and especially against Jacksonville, but Gillmore will have a strong test against the Bengals this week. I predict he was a one-week wonder.

Allen Robinson, Steelers/Jaguars (27.50 points) a fantasy sleeper had a great week #2. Robinson didn’t do so well in week #1, but going against New England this week he should score well again. Hat’s off if you were smart enough to draft this sleeper.

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Regarding defenses the Broncos (21.00 points) did well last week. Will they do well against Detroit this week? You bet they will. Every defense will do well against the Detroit especially one that a breakout week. Detroit is prone to turnovers and the Broncos are hyped up.

In the poll I am looking at the Seahawks defense is still ranked first. I think this is a very ambitious ranking even considering they are playing the Bears. I like the Jets against the Eagles. If your lucky enough to have the Jets Defense expect good things.

Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots (19.00) lead kickers in points last week, but honesty kickers tend to score very close to the same amount of points. This is a position I would not spend a lot of time pondering on your team.

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Some names you may want to do some serious thinking about sitting; Alex Smith, Jeremy Hill, Ameer Abdullah, Keenan Allen, Mike Evans, Jeremy Graham, and Roddy White, Ravens defense, and Zach Hocker. All of these names are underperforming and if you have them on your team take a serious look at whom they are going against and if you have anyone better on your team.

If you have WR with the Cowboys, Lions, and Saints be sure to take a long hard look at starting them. All of the these teams have quarterback issues. T.Y. Hilton, Eric Decker and Davante Adams getting dinged up and possibly missing week #3 have caused fantasy owners to scramble for WR this week.

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Constantly keep an eye out for possible trades. It is early in the season, but choices you make right now could payoff big down the road and especially in the playoffs.

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It is too early in the season to start seeing trends, but it is time to factor in just a bit the performance of the first two weeks. Good luck out there fellow fantasy footballers and I hope you win your match up and score lots of points.

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