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Fantasy Football Week #5

Week #4 is in the books and we are closing in on the completion of the first third of the regular NFL season.

At this point in your league you are starting to find out how well you drafted and how competitive your team is going to be throughout the fantasy season. Whether you are kicking ass in your league or you are 0-4 it is time to make adjustments to make your fantasy team stronger.

You will need to be constantly checking the waiver wire and looking for good deals. On the waiver wire will be players that are second ranked in their position, but are on strong teams that would allow them to prosper if the starter went down with injury.

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You may also want to consider trading players that ranked high in the pre-season draft, but are not living up to expectations. At this point in the season patterns relevant to the current season are starting to be established.

You may also need to hold on to some players that have not done well so far, but have a great deal of potential down the road. For example assumptions can be made that the Patriots and Packers will be heading to the playoffs. If you have a key player on either of these teams that has not lived up to their expectations through four games they may still prosper in the later part of the regular season and possibly in the playoffs. In a lot of leagues a strong playoff team is the key to winning your league. Start thinking playoffs and positioning your team to have players that will be in the playoffs.

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The Vikings and Jets have a bye week. Don’t be the guy in your league that starts a player sitting at home.

Drew Brees completely surprised me last weekend. Leading up to the game he was a maybe. Tough to start a maybe. However, he took home NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors and plays against the Eagles this weekend. I have not felt positive about Brees all season, but I like him against the Eagles.

Another shocker in week four was Philip Rivers. He was the AFC Offensive Player of the Week and racked up 358 yards and 3 touchdowns. Very impressive. However, Rivers is going against a sleeper Steeler’s defense this weekend. The Steeler’s defense was not supposed to be good, however they are doing well so far this season and after a tough loss at home to the Raven’s I feel this defense will do well against the Chargers.

A questionable start will be Luck against the Texans. Luck is injured, but the Texans are weak. Very tough decision that should be based on what other quarterbacks you have on your roster.

I would start Cutler this week against the Chief’s weak pass defense.

Look for big weekends for RB’s Bell, Forsett, Blount, Freeman, and Charles.

I expect big weekends for WR’s Fitzgerald, Jones, Aiken, and Thomas. Cobb is struggling with a shoulder injury, but he is racking up the fantasy points, so he may be worth a gamble against the Rams. Brown is on a lot of fantasy teams. The Steelers will get Martavis Bryant back which means it will be difficult for the Charger to double team Brown, but Vick is at quarterback. Starting Brown will depend on how deep your WR rooster looks for this weekend.

For TE’s Gronk is an obvious start along with Kelce, Daniels, and Eifert.

 Defensive starters are the Broncos, Packers, and the Bills. Always look for defensive mismatches. Defense is place to pick up extra points by looking at weekly mismatches and picking up the right defense off the waiver wire.

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The Patriots at the Cowboys is a mismatch. The Patriots should dominate the Cowboys so be sure to start all of your Patriots players. Other mismatches are the Broncos against the Raiders, the Cardinals against the Lions and the Seahawks against the Bengals. The Seahawks needed officiating help to beat the Lions at home. Against the strong Bengals at home the Seahawks are going to get lit up.

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