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Fantasy Football Week #6

Week #5 is in the books! Time to readjust the roster for week #6.

Monday night’s game between the Steelers and Chargers was probably the best Monday night game I have every seen. NFL officials are really struggling this season especially in Monday night games. Apparently the officials messed up the clock. The Steelers had another 18 seconds to play with that they did not get. Thankfully the Steelers did not lose because of poor officiating like the Lions!

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Bye weeks are the Buccaneers and Rams. Don’t be the guy in your league that starts a guys sitting at home. I know I say this every week, but it’s worth repeating.

This week’s mismatches are Broncos vs. Browns, Panthers vs. Seahawks, Saints vs. Falcons, and the Patriots vs. Colts. If you have players on any of the dominating teams consider starting them for maximum points.

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Regarding quarterbacks Dalton is leading all fantasy football scoring and if he keeps up this pace my finish in the Top 10 of fantasy football scoring since 1960. No doubt you want to start him, Rodgers, Brady, and Ryan. The tough decision will be starting Palmer who is having a great points season against the emerging Steelers defense. The Steelers D was not supposed to be good. This decision will depend on who you have to replace Palmer. Do not start Brees. The Falcons will tear him up.

The top-two fantasy point’s scorers for RBs are going to make team owner’s scratch their heads. Charles is out, ouch! Freeman is questionable. Bell is on the move up the fantasy football point’s chart. If you have Bell start him. With Big Ben on the bench Bell is going to get a lot of work. Expect a lot of production from Randal and Hyde with the problems both teams are having.

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Regarding TE’s Gronk and Eifert will continue to ramp up the points with their matchups this week. Gates is back and he will march right up the fantasy football point’s charts.

Regarding WR’s the top point’s scorer Jones is questionable. This is going to be a real head scratcher for a team owner. Fitzgerald is second on the scoring list, but he will have a tough fight against the Steeler’s defense. Take a hard look at your rooster to see if you have a more favorable matchup. Bench Brown until Big Ben gets back. Beckham Jr. is going to be another tough decision. Don’t start Benjamin, the Broncos should be able to contain him.

Expect great weeks from the top defenses of the Broncos, Cardinals, and Packers. The Seahawks defense will not do well against the Panthers. I would look for other options this week if this were my main defense. Remember that Defenses are very up and down and there are normally a lot of good pickups on the waiver wires. You will have to do your homework in this area, but it could be a big factor between winning your week’s matchup and losing it over a few points.

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Regarding kickers there is not a huge gap in points between the top kicker McManus and the tenth ranked kicker Crosby. Kickers are a good place to put minimal effort into research. Basically start and top ten kicker and check from week to week that he is healthy and not on a bye week.

Looking at the top flex players for week #6 there is a lot to think about. In the top five scoring positions, three of the players have issues. Charles is out, Freeman and Jones are questionable and Fitzgerald will struggle against the Steelers. I team owner will have to put the thinking cap on for this one.

As we start to get well into the season you are finding out how your team is going to fare. Start thinking about which teams will be in the playoffs. At this point it is safe to say the Patriots, Bengals, Broncos, Falcons, Cardinals, and Packers will be there. Start thinking about picking up players that will get you points in the playoffs. Constantly keep checking the waiver wires to find a good pickup. Maybe this pickup will not produce during the regular season, but will help rack up the points in the post season.

Take a hard look at players that you thought at draft time would really produce, but after five weeks of play are not helping your team at all. Do they need to be traded or can you expect them to come on in the second part of the season?

Keep researching, keep digging, and look to change your rooster every week to get the maxim points. 

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