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Game of War: Finding A New Alliance

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Congratulations BuzzSaw for winning this week’s TTS Swag!

BuzzSaw asks: I am about to get booted from my alliance because I am not growing fast enough and I am at the bottom of the alliance power list. What should I look for in a new alliance?

BuzzSaw getting booted from your alliance really sucks and I can totally sympathize with you, because I am right at the bottom of my alliance power list. The last couple of cuts I was pretty sure I was going to get booted.

Don’t piss your current alliance off before you leave. We have had several members that were real A-Holes before they left. If you piss your current alliance off they will not let you join a smaller sister alliance and you will suddenly become an enemy. Your old alliance may also keep you from joining alliances they have truces or naps. Always leave on good terms because someday you may need to return.

Most of the bigger alliances have at least one if not several smaller alliances. When getting the boot from the main alliance, first take a hard look at the sister alliances. You may only be in the minor leagues for a few weeks or months before you get called to the major leagues again. Also the sister alliances will get some protection from the bigger alliance you are leaving plus all of the naps and truces with other alliances.

If the smaller sister alliances are not for you then go alliance shopping. You are looking for at least a gift mode of level 15 or higher. The higher the gift mode the better and better the gifts will be for your continued growth.


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Take a look at how many players are in the alliance. The maxim is 100 players. Make sure there are at least 95 members in a prospective alliance.

More important than numbers is how active the players are in the alliance. This is hard to determine from the outside. You will have to join the alliance to figure this out. However, you will be able to see how active the players are very quickly. A good way to measure alliance participation is by how many members greet you when you join. If you are received into a new alliance with an avalanche of greetings you are in the right alliance.

When you first get into a new alliance pay attention to the alliance chat. If there is a lot chat from a lot of different players you are in an active alliance.

Even if an alliance doesn’t have billion power players it can still be a good alliance if most of the players are active and helping each other out. Helping each other can mean sharing resources, sending resources to the alliance city, killing monsters to receive more gifts, and protecting you as much as they can considering the size of the alliance.

Be sure your new alliance has an alliance city. Alliance cities are new to the game and not every alliance has a city. The Hall of Quests in the alliance city is very important for receiving extra gifts.

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Remember joining an alliance does not have to be a permanent decision. People change alliances all the time. I have been in six different alliances. If you get into a dead alliance or an alliance that just doesn’t match your needs you can always bail. However, keep in mind that GOW is designed for players to work together. Going it alone in GOW is suicide!

Always remember that it is just a game, have fun, always protect your hero, and Don’t Be An A-Hole!

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