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Fitness Boot Camp – Helps In Building Strength And Endurance

The old-school military workouts used by the United States Army to help soldiers rehabilitate and reform took an interesting turn when they were introduced to the public as an intensive training program to achieve fitness. Boot camp fitness trainings endeavour to build strength, endurance and agility.

The boot camp programs are group sessions and different programs use different blends of exercises. It usually includes a combination of strength training and aerobics. While the focus is on callisthenics in certain boot camps, others incorporate military style drills, yoga and martial arts. Boot camps usually alternate high intensity exercises with lighter activity. Motivation levels are usually high in boot camps with a group working together.

Benefits of Boot Camp

Boot camps provide a whole body workout that builds strength and endurance. The benefits of boot camp fitness workouts are:

  • Builds team spirit among the participants encouraging them to achieve their targets in a competitive spirit.
  • Helps burn calories faster than regular aerobic workouts. This is because the fitness boot camp programs combine high intensity exercises along with aerobics. While aerobics is used in intervals to lighten the intensity, the main exercises focus on building strength and increasing muscle mass.
  • Offers a challenging and varied workout.

Is Boot Camp Meant For Me?

Fitness boot camps are appealing for individuals who love intense workouts. If you are not used to intense training, you may find this to be challenging. A strong foundation in strength training and aerobics can help you in fitness boot camp.

Your instructor must know about any health issues that can create difficulty for you to perform certain activities. It is best to understand the structure of the fitness boot camp that you are going to join. It helps to plan in advance and prepare yourself for the program.

Exercises Involved

Fitness boot camps have gained popularity over a period of time because many people find the workout to be one of the best ways to improve overall strength. The high intensity training exercises blended with aerobic intervals help participants burn calories in less time than usual aerobic activities.

Prisoner squats, elevated push-ups, diagonal lunges, sumo squats, vertical jumps, spiderman climb, side-to-side jumps, regular push-ups and shuttle run can be incorporated in fitness boot camps. The dynamic nature of the work out allows trainers to choose a regime which will suit the needs of their participants.

In addition to these exercises many boot camps involve yoga, hiking and kayaking as a part of the program. These add the element of adventure to the training.

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Where Do I Do It?

Fitness boot camp does not involve a lot of equipment, it relies on physical training so boot camps workouts can be done anywhere. Most of the fitness boot camp trainings are done outside. This energizes the participants with the fresh air and natural environment. It is found to be more beneficial than workouts done in a gym.


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The sense of camaraderie in a boot camp training makes you more accountable and also puts competition in the training. This helps participants achieve more than usual monotonous workouts. While you can enlist yourself in a fitness boot camp and have an instructor help you with a regime, you may gather some friends and choose your own workout session which can include elements of fun mixed in the high intensity exercises.

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Top Fitness Boot Camp Programs in USA

  1. Pure Kauai, Hawaii

The island stunning landscape doubles as a natural gym for fitness boot camp. The personal trainers and sports instructors can make fitness boot camp one of the most interesting vacations for you.

  1. Live Oak, Malibu, California

From the pre-dawn wake-up calls to the stringent diet which does not include meat or dairy products, this fitness boot camp ensures you leave leaner that you came.

  1. Cal-a-vie, Vista, California

The trainers here can help you with beginner’s workout sessions as well as high intensity training for the seasoned participants. The state of the art gym provides a great environment and the instructors can help you choose a program that suits you best.


Fitness boot camps are a great way to burn some calories. They target muscles throughout your body to keep you fit. Equipment based trainings are effective, but fitness boot camps are a step ahead with the right blend of exercises. While usual trainings focus on a particular muscle group, fitness boot camp workouts tone the entire body. This training has its own elements of fun, but is not meant for the faint-hearted.

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