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Fitness: Core Training- Helps You Stay Healthy And Fit

You must have heard about the phrase core training but it is vital to know first, what is the core part of our body which will help you realize the importance of core training. The mid section of our body part is referred as the core and it includes all the parts of that area such as front, back and side muscles. The transverse abdominis (TVA), oblique, erector spinae, and the lower lats fall in that core part. Now these muscles are the main stabilizer of the entire body and when these muscles get weakened, it can lead to various harmful diseases. Core training is all about those exercises which work to strengthen the core muscles so that our entire body is stabilized.

Effects of core training

Core training is associated with innumerous health benefits. The core fitness training has various positive effects on human body. These are:

  • Core training strengthens the abdominal structures that help our entire body to move.
  • The muscles can work together effectively and efficiently.
  • The respiratory function is improved a lot.
  • The neuromuscular efficiency is improved that helps in efficient body movement and physical positioning.
  • Core training strengthens the torso’s stabilization.
  • The absorption and transfer of forces is regulated perfectly while the body weight is distributed properly through the help of fitness training.
  • Helps to flatten the tummy.

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Image credit: “Crunches” by embhoo – embhoo.

Functions of abdominal muscles in core training

The abdominal muscle that is the core part of the body handles various activities such as breathing, coughing, sneezing along with maintaining the position and speeches in various species. So, it is really important to develop the abdominal muscles through core training process. The rectus abdominis muscle, the internal obliques, the external obliques and the transversus abdominis are the main four abdominal muscles that take part in various body functioning. Now, the main aim is to follow a balance exercise that can improve all those muscles.

Core training requires most of the muscles to be involved thus it maintains a proper balance and all the abdominal muscles are being developed which in turn help to stabilize the body.


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Types of exercises:

There are lots of exercises and all of them have different usefulness. Mainly the exercises are categorized in 4 different groups and these are: Endurance, Balance, Flexibility and strength. Now one might go for the one that is mostly needed by his body but it is always better to follow a combination of all those to obtain more benefits.

Endurance training: The main aim of endurance activities is to improve the heart rate and breathing system to keep the lungs and circulatory system healthy. So, you can stay safe and fit while it also helps to do other daily activities such as walking, dancing and jogging smoothly.

Strength training: The aim of strength training is to strengthen the abdominal and other muscles so that climbing the stairs and lifting weight become much easier for you. Weight lifting, using the body weight, etc. fall under strength training.

Flexibility training: This training involves the stretching of various muscles so that muscles become more flexible and help our body to stay limber.

Balance training: Balance training aids at improving the balance thus it prevents falls. For example, standing in one foot, Tai chi, etc. are the result of balance training.

Safety concerns during fitness training:

The importance of fitness training can’t be overlooked as our physical, emotional and social health is being enhanced through it. But at the same time, risk is also associated with this. So, it is must to follow some safety rules during the exercise:

  • Always wear the right shoe
  • Use correct equipment
  • Warm up and stretch your body in every 10 minutes
  • Take help of a fitness instructor. This point is especially intended for all those who have some pre-existing injury. Also consult the doctor or physiotherapist before starting the fitness training
  • Increasing the speed of any exercise is risky so be aware of that
  • If any injury causes pain or discomfort, avoid that
  • You must take a recovery day once in a week
  • In case of injury, take rest
  • Drink plenty of water.


Core fitness training is aimed at improving the body muscles so that we can do the everyday activities with ease. Whether it is about reaching out to certain things or bending to pick up some stuff, it requires the body muscles to move properly. So, it would be very wrong to say that fitness training is only required for the athletes rather we all need to follow the fitness training to stay fit and healthy every day.

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