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Fitness Devices: Fitbit – Staying Fit Made Easier


Fitness devices that relentlessly track your fitness data and help you achieve your fitness goals – Fitbit’s innovations helps the world stay fit.

In today’s age fitness is the illusive rabbit that jumps down the hole of Wonderland too quickly before we can catch it. So how do we get hold of this rabbit called fitness? It’s simple – We track it. Fitbit Inc., headquartered at San Francisco, California is a company that has ceaselessly innovated in the field of fitness. It designs devices which can track fitness metrics like the number of steps you have walked, your heart rate, quality of sleep, the number of steps you have climbed and other personal data. The first device created by Fitbit was the Fitbit tracker.

Types of Fitbit devices:

At this time, Fitbit sells six activity trackers in the form of a wristband and two in the form of clip-on.

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Wristband activity trackers are:

  1. Fitbit Flex It helps you track your daily activities and you can keep a track of your sleeping patterns through this device as well. A display of 5 LED lights indicates how many steps you took during the day and when you reach your goal, it has a vibrating alarm that is somewhat associated to the feeling of a ‘pat on your back’.

It can also track the number of floors climbed, the distance you travel on foot and calories burned. These are the primary features but there is a lot more that it is capable of.

  1. Fitbit Charge Released in October 2014, the Fitbit Charge features a textured wristband and has the capability of connecting with your phone so that it can display caller ID on your Fitbit device.

The Charge has features like measuring the number of steps walked and the approximate distance you have travelled. It can also track the flights of stairs you have climbed with the help of an altimeter.

  1. Fitbit Alta The Fitbit Alta is due to be released in March. It has the usual features of the average Fitbit device. Additionally, the Alta showcases a fully OLED touchscreen where you can set up reminders and check for your smartphone’s notification. It can also recognize the activity that you are performing like running, walking, cycling or playing football.
  1. Fitbit Charge HR The Charge HR is an iteration of the Fitbit Charge. It includes all the features of the charge and has the ability to monitor your heart rate as well. It also features a calorie counter which makes it easier for you to achieve your fitness goals. It comes in a variety of colors and uses a clasp which is similar to that of the traditional watches.
  1. Fitbit Surge One look at the Fitbit Surge, and you can easily mistake it for a traditional watch. This is a watch that has been designed for the fitness demographic. It has a heart rate monitor and can track pace, distance and elevation. This Fitbit device, uses a GPS.
  1. Fitbit Blaze This is the latest Fitbit device which has been designed on the lines of smart watches like the Apple Watch and Android Wear. It focuses on fitness and includes features that can be used along with your smartphone as well. You can get notifications related to the call that you get, the messages that are sent to your phone and your calendar notifications on the Blaze.


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Clip-on activity trackers are:

  1. Fitbit Zip The Fitbit Zip is almost the size of a US quarter and it has the ability to track the steps you have taken, the distance travelled and the number of calories you burnt. You can sync the data from the device to specific smart phone devices. The Zip is the first Fitbit device which comes with a disposable battery.
  1. Fitbit One Like the Fitbit Zip, Fitbit One can also be synced wirelessly with certain smartphones. It can track your sleep patterns, the number of steps you take, the distance travelled, calories burned, et al.

Fitbit Aria is a digital scale that can sync with your Fitbit device to keep a track of your weight, body fat percentage and BMI.

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How can they help?

If you are going to jump on the fitness bandwagon, then you must be equipped with something that can help you track whether you are moving in the right direction or not. Fitbit devices are the best way to ensure that you are moving towards your fitness goals and not away from them.

Are they worth the expenditure?

Spending on fitness devices can hardly be questionable, especially when you are talking about devices that can help you get an insight into your body’s performance. Fitbit devices showcase unbeatable technology and a valuable amount of data related to your health. They are certainly worth the money.


Fitness can be achieved quickly and easily if you are motivated with data that shows your performance. Fitbit devices help you get this data and also enhance your way of living by helping you lead a healthy life.

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