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Fixing Tiger and Betting the Odds

the thrill of sports photo

Golf, what a funny game. You chase a white ball that you hit around a beautiful green course that usually makes any person that has a lawn at home jealous. You can be in sand, water, trees, desert (depending where you live) sun, wind, rain and most likely, some sort of alcoholic drink. Adding these factors up, minus the wind and rain, and you had a fun day of golf. I play golf; I would play 5 days a week if I could. I play for the score, I play for the gambling (why worry about the score when you got $20 on a putt), I play to hang out with the fella’s and get away from life for a while. And that is where golf screws you up. You try and get away from life and focus on the course, the game, the cart girl, whatever and your game goes south.

sunset-787826_1280.jpgGolf is the only sport that the more you concentrate on it, make adjustments, change stances, change speed, change balls, changes clubs or any combination, you continue to play bad. If you ask the group of guys I play with when I am at my best and they will all say the same thing. When I am focusing on my life more than my game. I play my best rounds of golf when my wife is pissed, threatening to divorce me or has blown up my phone with 22 nasty texts.

the thrill of sports photo

This is what Tiger Woods is going through right now. There is nothing in his life to help him not focus on the game of golf. In his early years, he had his dad to please, to win for, to not disappoint. After his dad died, he had his porn stars, his strippers, and his Perkins waitress. He was winning because he was worried about being caught; worried about losing his family, worried about any STD he might have contracted. And honestly, those are some big worries to deal with on a daily basis. Why would Tiger even be focusing on his game? He would just stand up there, hit the ball and go back to focusing on life and how not go get caught. You want to truly fix Tiger and then get him worried about life for a while. Know how you get a Millionaire to worry about life? Well I have some suggestions. Have the St. Louis Cardinals pin the hacking of the Houston Astro’s on him. Hang out with Floyd May weather at a supportive women’s conference. Have him star in Tomorrowland 2 or date Caitlyn Jenner. Any of these avenues are sure to help Tiger get back on track and then can take him at the next major at 50 to 1 odds….

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Speaking of odds, let’s take a quick look at some of the better odds out there for the US Open. If I had money, these are the golfers I would be taking to win the US Open because of two reasons: 1. because I believe they can win the open, that is always the first qualifier but 2. Because their odds are awesomely high. If I was going to gamble on the game, let’s go for a big win. So here is what I would be looking at if I had money to gamble:

1. Jason Day (Current Odds 33 to 1) – Day has a solid history of playing well at the US Open and he grew up in Australia which is like growing up in Seattle except with Kangaroos. So yes, I believe he has a slight home field advantage here. He is currently ranked 15th in the world and has one tour win this year.

2. Brooks Koepka (Current Odds 50 to 1) – Wishful thinking here but for the next 7 years we can watch Koepka, Speith and McIlroy dual it out for major after major after major. How can you not consider taking him to win this at these odds? I promise you one thing; this is the last time you will get Koepka at such high odds.

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3. Zach Johnson (Current Odds 66 to 1) – You may or may not remember this but Zach Johnson won the 2007 Masters. Zach Johnson? Yes, Zach Johnson. So in the grand scheme of things, he could realistically put another round together

4. Tie: Jason Dufner and Hunter Mahan (Current Odds 80 to 1) – So Jason Dufner won the PGA in 2013 than apparently decided to take the next year and a half off. Prior to his year off, he has been in 4th place in 2012 and 2013. At 80 to 1 odds, this is a great bet for a man that still can chew Copenhagen on the course and not even stress over it.

dice-586123_12805. Hunter Mahan has never won a major yet. He is 33 years old, he also finished 4th in 2013 US Open. He is right in that Adam Scott/Bubba Watson age range where the 30 year-olds finally break through.



Well, there you have it, those are my picks for the weekend, don’t blame me if you lose and don’t forget to tip me when you win. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads that read this column.

the thrill of sports photo

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  1. What about Rory? What about Rickie? A couple of heavy hitters who have a shot no matter where they are playing!

  2. Saint Jimma, coming through with another article. I will admit I’ve been on the look out for a new post from you, since you posted that last ridiculous article about the finals. That being said I think your posts are a nice read and keep me entertained. For example, I can’t say I’ve watched more than 5 holes of golf in my life, yet I found this post interesting. Thanks for your input saint jimma I look forward to the next

    One question though: Do you really think Floyd Mayweather would go anywhere near a supportive women’s conference? Haha

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