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Foot Fetishes By The Uncensored Stripper

Ah, the foot fetish guys. I say guys because I don’t think—in all my years in the sex industry—I’ve known a woman who ejaculates from touching a man’s feet; or licking them. compliments of titsandwit.comToes in the vagina, maybe, but that’s probably more kink than fetish. There’s a slight difference. I’m not exactly sure what it is, but I think kinks are organic and in the moment, something that turns you on, whereas, fetishes are more serious with regard to the person’s devotion.

I understand taboos and sex. I’ve thought about fucking my friend’s significant others when I make myself cum. Sneaking around, doing something we know is bad, or hooking up with them while their wives are passed out in the same bed. But feet aren’t taboo…they’re just a body part.

I’ve heard plenty of women talk about feet turn offs: men in sandals or flip flops or unkempt toes. But never have I overheard a woman talk about drooling over a man’s foot. Honestly, I’ve never completely understood the foot fetish. And why is it that slightly creepy and a thing for women’s feet go hand in hand? I don’t like my feet being touched. Not even during a massage—especially with my nerve damaged foot, but even before, it’s all about my neck and shoulders. I encountered foot fetish men over my years as a stripper, although, luckily, not a ton, which is perhaps a diss to my feet, but that’s OK. I have small feet, but my toes are long. My friend calls them finger toes. I hate my toes. But, what can I do? One positive note, if I drop my razor in the shower, I can pick it up with my toes…so that’s something.

I can pick it up with my toes…so that’s something.


The few feet men who paid for dances at the club, always wanted to smell my feet. I don’t know how good your imagination is, but strippers sweat in their heels all night and walk on questionable surfaces—our feet don’t always smell like roses. In fact, when a dancer needs new heels, it’s often because the stench has gotten to a point of no recovery. Beyond Dr. Scholl’s OdorX and drug store vanilla body spray. When a stripper’s heels get to that toxic level, all she can do is put them in the trash bin outside the building. This is what goes through my mind as men sniff my toes. I understand that for some guys, the dirty factor is part of the predilection. I’m a card-carrying member of the pheromone lover’s club, but rank foot smell? No thanks. I have also found that most of these guys are submissive in nature.Which is another notch in my not into it column, as I prefer dominate men.


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It’s a myth that strong women want to boss men around.

Not all of us do. I boss life around, I want to be equals or thrown down in bed.compliments

I have a theory about fetishes: they tend to develop when quote en quote regular things don’t turn us on anymore, we search for the taboo and strange. But it’s a wormhole. What happens when each new strange gets old? And this is how people get to scat. Fetishes left unchecked will lead to scat. When toes no longer do it. And bondage. And roleplaying. And someone throwing oranges at you.


compliments of

What’s left? Poop, that’s what.

Extreme fetishes make me wonder if the person has never had amazingly connected sex? In other words, what brings a person to be sexually charged by a foot? I used to be in the S&M community when I was in my early twenties, and it was certainly sexual in nature, but it was mostly about control.

I’m totally fine with people doing what makes them happy, and turns them on. I encourage it. As long as no one is getting hurt, go for it!

I’ll admit, I’ve always loved female ballet dancers with their extreme pointed toes, but it’s never turned me on. And I’ve always loved high heels, but to me, they’re an extension of the leg and a highlight of the ankle. Feet are useful for getting around (if you are lucky to have two working ones), and yes, they are sensitive, but to me, zero sexual energy there. I guess if I was in the throws of passionate sex with a man who turned me on something fierce, and he rubbed his dick or balls on my feet…I’d…wait! I just realized I’ve rubbed a guy’s cock with my feet while he was going down on me! And it was awesomely hot. But it was more about the connection—completing the circle of pleasure—not toe praise.

Compliments of

I think that’s part of my turn off with the foot fetish; the worship aspect. I’m down for a man to worship me, but I’d rather him pay homage to my mind and pussy. Not my dumb feet. But this is what I love about life, that there’s someone for everyone. The proof is in the endless feet accounts on Instagram!

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