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Get Inuit – Headed For Celebdom

Get Inuit is an indie rock band from Sittingbourne. The powerful music created by the band is being recognised around the country and is creating a sensation around the world as well. The band is new and the potential of the band to find their way into the hearts of many people has been identified by Alcopop! Records. Get Inuit is preparing for the release of their debut album in 2016. For most of 2014, the band was seen playing in support of some very popular bands like Slaves, PUP and DZ Deathrays. Band members Jamie Glass, Rob Simpson, Oliver Nunn and James – who is Rob’s brother- created the band in 2013.

Why are they going to be huge in 2016?

The band’s debut album is due for release in 2016. With a global release, the band will be able to attract more fans and get more recognition. In addition to this, the band has been able to come up with quite a few hits which can hardly be forgotten. They have a fresh approach towards music and the band has shown potential to conquer the hearts of indie rock lovers.


Alcopop! Records is home to historical figures in music and Get Inuit is now signed to Alcopop! Records as well. It is certain that their simplicity and powerful music will be loved by many and they will be able to achieve new heights in 2016.

Get Inuit has shown the capability to produce incredible tunes and write some great songs. With the perfect blend of lyrics and music, the band will be able to make it big in the coming year. While there are many bands that are working hard to get noticed, Get Inuit has been able to do it right and get far enough to outshine many other bands. 2016 should be able to bring some great music for us from Get Inuit.

Biggest Songs

Get Inuit write songs for fun. The band has penned down some of their best songs while they were passing time. The band members enjoy creating music. Their first Extended Play (EP) ‘001’ is stipulated to be the first of approximately 100 releases. It was released by Alcopop! Records in February 2015. Since then the band has been gearing up for an album which will be released next year.

Some of their most popular songs are Dress of Bubblewrap, I Would, and Cutie Pie I’s Bloated. All of these songs have been enjoyed by the listeners and has left them asking for more. Mean Heart which was released in May this year was another song which showcased their ability to create great music.

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Their latest EP, Luge Lessons is seen as a welcome piece of music that brings warmth in these bitter cold months. What makes it even more endearing is the fact that it is completely DIY. The band has created songs which have an upbeat tempo and also include minimalist guitar notes. The drums add a great rhythm to the music. The tunes are catchy and they don’t usually leave the mind very easily.

The band was named as one of XFM’s Great X-Pectations for the year 2015. They have been able to garner a lot of interest from music lovers around the world. With numerous tours in UK and an album due to release in 2016, Get Inuit is aiming for celebdom.

Members of the Band

The band was formed in 2013. Jamie Glass had decided to pen some songs and Rob Simpson and Oliver Nunn decided to join him. Soon, Rob’s brother – James – also started working with the band and they started creating some amazing music. The four members of the band have been a part of it since the beginning.


Jamie Glass is on the lead vocals and guitar, James Simpson on the guitar, his brother Rob Simpson on the drums and Oliver Nunn on bass. James Simpson also handles the production duties.

Wrap Up

Get Inuit has made it big with its singles and they are hoping to achieve similar results with their upcoming album as well. The band has shown a lot of potential through the singles that it has released. With the catchy lyrics and the foot tapping tunes, Get Inuit has brought an innovative aspect to Indie rock music. They have added elements of pop and provide a great blend of guitar notes and drums to bring fresh music that catches on to you quickly.          

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