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Wondering Mind Of Eva

Getting Notty with Eva photo
My first modeling resume…

Never let your past control your future….

Having the opportunity to connect with my peers on many levels while giving a little insight on who I am and about the industry I am in.

I started shooting in 2009 for a company called Score . They shoot anybody with large breasts for their main magazine. Then they go as far as shooting grandmothers and super plus sized woman. I got asked to shoot some solo clips for them. I thought that is kinda harmless why not? Ugh was I in for it. This company tried so hard to get everything for nothing. Then they ask if you will do a little extra?

Getting Notty With Eva photo
This picture was taken while visiting New York City in June of this year. Photographer is the owner of Got Curves Magazine.

I didn’t really get frustrated with them until the third time they booked me for a shoot. They were way pissed that I would not do extra stuff, but they did not wanna pay my price. One thing I have come to realize in life is that if you can place a value on it, then do it. I am so freaking tired of getting the shorter end of the stick. Being used for arm candy or for bragging rights by ex’s. People think that I am not relationship material. Fine, then you will definitely pay me for my time and the level of experience.    July and August are usually the slowest months of the year. Everyone is off taking vacations and it is way too hot in Las Vegas to shoot. People would probably slip and slide around from sweating too much. Yuck, can you imagine? You have to remember that sweat is really sexy when you are sweating while making love to your lover. It can be quit disgusting when you are doing a scene with someone you just met a couple minutes ago.

Pet peeves of mine are weird, but definitely a turn off! 

My biggest pet peeve of all is smelly balls. I can honestly say I can smell them from a mile away. Yuck! Woman have so much to do hygienically to make sure that they are on point for a shoot. The least a guy could do is lather up them balls with some nice fresh smelling body wash. Another pet peeve of mine is when a guy is on top.  He is going at it and decides that oxygen is only for him that day. His mouth is opened over mine and proceeds to breath heavily and drool into my mouth. Honestly does that sound fun at all? You would be shocked at how many people are like that.

I look forward to hearing from you and any questions you may have. You can ask questions in the reply form below! Take care and don’t forget to smile!

Always and 4 Eva Notty


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  1. seariously honest funny reality! write a book. hey,you are way funnier than amy schumer and shes pretty damn funny! ok, ill pass on my favorite one liners from assholes at band jobs, these are everyday applicable.. ” if you want a dollar song you aint getting it for a nickle” and ” dont confuse arrogance for confidence” . good day!

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