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Getting Notty With Eva: Learn To Laugh

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My nephew always puts a smile on my face.

Learn To Laugh…

The things people say are most likely going to be very shallow and condescending. It seems that nobody nowadays has any morals or good intensions.

I meet a guy, LTL, we hit it off and everything was going great then ….. the real LTL came out. I can’t believe he actually said this but, he told me that he didn’t expect to like me as much as he did and he couldn’t handle my line of work. I mean seriously? In what world is that all about? So you thought I would be good for a couple nights and cheap thrills, but I ended up exceeding your expectations and that’s a bad thing?

In the end it will be okay If it’s not okay its not the end.


I won’t ever claim to be the smartest, or prettiest, or mentally stable at all times. I will however, without a doubt claim to have a pure heart with the purest of intensions. I would never use someone for personal gain, especially without them knowing my intensions. I just don’t know what people get out of being so self absorbed.

Needless to say I am finding a lot comfort in my own company and learning that I am actually okay with being a one man group. Finding that special someone will happen someday. I know I am still young enough to find that special someone.


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My best friend was murdered on the April 26 and it brought a new light to my life. He was not in the best of health and he died in selfless act. He was helping a girl get moved out of an abusive relationship and the boyfriend came home and shot him.


My best friend in L.A., Kris.

With that being said, he is no longer in pain and finally resting. I love him
and miss him every day. I can honestly say I have dealt with so much loss lately, I am very much lost myself.


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I have no idea how I keep such a positive outlook and upbeat attitude about life when it seems that life has it out for me, but I know nothing else and have no desire to have any other outlook. The world can be such a negative place if you allow it, and I won’t.

“Letting go is to forgive. If you can forgive you are letting go”


Always and 4 Eva Notty


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