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Wondering Mind Of Eva: Love My Haters And Puppies


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Thought this was funny to come across on the web. I never thought about it.

 So Funny To Think I Branded Myself and I Am Actually Doing Something Right.

When someone grows up being told every day of their life they will amount to nothing and actually end up being something and beats the odds that is amazing. In my eyes the world is such a negative place and having the motivation to succeed is admirable.

Being an abused adolescent I grew up mad at the world thinking that men only spoke with their hands.  I had to go through some really hard times at a young age with the rage of a thousand titans  boiling inside me.  I hated the world and everyone in it.  I moved out of my home at the age of 15 and got three jobs while trying to go to school. I had no time to dedicate hatred towards anybody and anything in my life. That is when I realized that hate consumes you and takes too much of your time and energy thinking about that person or situation.  I will never give anyone that gratification especially if they are not worth it.


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My worst attribute is only seeing the good in people. I mean it to a flaw. People think that I am just a push over. I honestly do not care what people think. Life will surely make an example out of anyone that has the balls to do any kind hearted person wrong in any way. I honestly know there is a little bad in everyone. I think about all the people that hate me because they aren’t me or because I have a look they do not.  I love, love, love, love, my haters! Without them I would not be as successful and as driven.  Just remember when you have haters you are doing something right. The day you do not have people hating you is the day you seriously need to reevaluate your life and get back on track.

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These are my fur babies. We just went for a long walk before I left to Japan for two weeks in February.

The only negative I see about being an adult star is the fact that relationships are pretty much non existent and real friends are harder to come by. Men just want you for your money they think you have or to make them look good So called friends have their hand out all the time with lies and deception to make them feel better, but I bet that is everywhere.  I just tend to stick to myself and my three puppies. It is hard to be a dog owner.  I do have the world’s best dog sitter and have cameras on my pups so I can see them at any time of the day from anywhere in the world.  I know that giving them love is always appreciated. When I can see them my day is complete and worth living with a pure smile and a skip in my step. I really love the fact that pets can’t talk. They leave us with no choice but to love them and work harder so that you can get them all the things they deserve.

“Love is love regardless of the origin it comes.”

Please do not hesitate to ask questions in the reply form below. I will answer them! Take care and don’t forget to smile!

Always and 4 Eva Notty


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  1. Hello Eva,

    It is a hell of thing to to air your catharsis to the world as you have. I am a bottled up individual.
    Reading your story has gotten my mind to thinking. If i can’t verbalize whats going on. Writing in
    a blog or a journal can’t help but let some light in and release some of the angst.
    So having said all of that. It is inspirational to me. Keep looking for the good. It is out there!
    Thank you!


    • Hello Dylan,

      Sorry it is taking me a bit to get back to you. For some reason I did not see your post. I apologize. Thank you for seeing life thru my eyes. Writing really helps me work through things. So glad you like my blog and that I could be a bit inspiring for you! Please keep looking for the good! Good is all around us!

      Eva Notty

  2. A job is a job. Some people pump shit out of the ground (people shit) some people take shit (councellors and parents) If what you do makes you happy, that is all that matters. I have had many jobs, I went to school to be an english teacher and ended up a machinist and in-between worked with schitzophrenic people, the latter of all the jobs I had was probably the most depressing and taxing.
    As far as having “good intentions”, yea, I think by nature most of us are optimists, I think it goes hand in hand with mortality and being human, of coarse, there are those people who are parisitic and really don’t know what giving or empathy or compassion really is, I had two wives like that.
    If I had Eva advise to give (dont be a shit and get mouthy or pissed) Eva Notty I would say this: Save some money, live within your limits and not beyond your income (not projected income) And this is just an opinion, not gospa,l but if you want a decent guy, quit porn, do modeling exclusivly, the stuff tom did was really good! You are far beyond average and if life depends on it, you can do that for the rest of your youthfull years if you want. You are a decent write, and most people only know snippets of your life (keep it that way, no details until you do a book) writing is like stripping, a little at a time, keep em’ intersted. And back to the “guy issue”, I can only give examples from my own life, when I was your age and beautiful with my whole life ahead of me I was a full time muscian and a machinist on the side ( I had my own buissness at the time), I had two wives out of that, it was the circle I ran in, the last one bolted when I was cut from an almost record contract, yea, you get what you get when your expected to be who you are under the lights, but at home you shit, get sick, get crabby…….all the “real stuff”, so until I got away from what people” knew of me” I went from one dead end money pit to another….sex was ok, but it was a huge void in more ways than one, my father always brought life to my plight, (when he was still alive) He told me once (which was ohhhhhh soooooo true) “Tom, the amount the last two marriages cost you could have been replaced by a 500 dollar prostitute every week for the last 6 years”, he was right.
    So, if you want to stop being used up, make the choice, hey, I’m 50 april 13th, I was 33 yeasterday, no shit! I was! It was a motherfucker for me, I lost most of my friends when I dipped out of the limelight, but you know what? I have had a great life since, I still doi music, but I dont whore myself t6o managment and shitty venue owners, I write songs and play at places that want to hear my shit, I owe no one anything, and neither do you or anyone else. I am Tom Keteri Incorporated. One owner, my own terms. I have a couple great friends (justy like your crazy friend Rachel) you only need a couple, I have a great wife who just beat the hell out of cancer last year and 2 maincoon cats. Pretty simple shit.
    Keep your writing up and keep being you, don’t let life pass you by. T. Keteri.

  3. Hello tomk66,

    Thank you so much for long heart-felt message. Happy up coming birthday! Thank you for the advice and I try very hard to save money and try to live with in my income level, which is super up and down. Thanks for your advice about writing a book as well. Love your idea of writing is like stripping. Stripping is for sure something I know about! HaHa! I always to try to keep in mind that love is all around us. Sometimes you have to look harder than other times, but it is there!


    Eva Notty

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