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How To Get The Best Photos From Your Cell Phone Camera

People these days take most of their photos with a cell phone. Cell phone cameras over the last couple of years have really improved in quality and can take amazing photos. Listed below are a few tips to improve your cell phone photos

Use Natural Light

Never, ever use your cell phone’s flash. The flash is horribly placed and does a miserable job of providing additional light. Lighting is very important in every photo whether you use a DSLR or a cell phone camera. Try to position your subject in the best possible natural light available.

If you do not have adequate natural light try using the shadows to enhance your photo. Shadows can create interesting natural effects in your photo.

photography tips photo

Hold Your Phone Still

Professional photographers use a tripod every chance they can. Bottom line is that you will get better photos if your cell phone is stable. Use a table or a wall to steady your cell phone. Move your subject if possible to allow for a steady surface to secure your cell phone.

Cell phones are tricky to hold onto while taking a photo. Taking a photo requires two hands and a free finger to push the clicking button. All of this manipulation makes it nearly impossible to keep your cell phone steady. Often times a cell phone photographer is left with a slightly out of focus photo.

Consider buying a small tripod or the increasingly popular extending rod holder for your cell phone. Both the tripod and rod will help you steady your cell phone. The extending rod also has a clicking button at the end of the rod to further help with cell phone stability.

Edit Your Photos

Professional photographers never release a photo to the public without some editing. Neither should you. There are many editing apps out there. Snapseed is an easy-to-use photo editing app that is very popular. If you don’t want to spend the money on an app Instragram has pretty good editing capabilities built into is photo sharing system.

When you are using a photo editing app tinker with it a bit to unlock all of its features. Some editing apps offer more features than others and are always improving.


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Every photographer has a different style of editing. That is one of the things that make photography fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different cropping styles, exposures, and filters.

There are also a variety of apps that allow for collages. A collage of several photos into one picture can be very interesting.

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Realize Your Cell Phone’s Limitations

As good as cell phones are nowadays, they still have limitations. Cell phones struggle with low light, extreme light conditions, and direct light.

In low conditions, as previously discussed, using the cell phones flash is not an option. Unfortunately to shoot decent low light or night photos you will have to upgrade to a DSLR.

In extreme light conditions try using sunspots and flares to your advantage. This is very challenging, but it if you can pull it off it may lead to an interesting photo.

Cell phones struggle with direct sunlight. Try repositioning your subject so the sun is directly at it, but behind you. If you can’t move your subject try moving until the sun is coming from the side instead of directly at you.

Buy A Lens Set

There are several companies that offer lens sets for your cell phone. The lens attaches to your phone and will greatly enhance your photo taking abilities. Types of lens include; macro, wide-angle, fish-eye, super fish-eye, telephoto, and polarizer.

Slap a lens on your phone and you will have a blast and increase the options your cell phone camera has dramatically.

Like DSLR lenses, cell phone lenses vary in price depending on the quality of the lenses. Normally you get what you pay for with lenses. However, for a cell phone camera try a cheaper lens kit and have fun! If you spend a bunch of money on lenses for your cell phone you might want to consider using the money for a DSLR camera.

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Use the tips listed above to greatly enhance your cell phone taking capabilities. Cell phones are taking amazing photos with the advances in technology. Most importantly have fun and enjoy the experience of taking photos that you are happy showing to your friends and family.

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