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Wondering Mind Of Eva: Grateful For The Few

Getting Notty With Eva photo

My friend Donald and I after the UFC fight he won tickets for…..What a blast!

Real friends are hard to find…

In general friends are hard to come by. I think in the adult industry it is pretty much a given you are going to have to enjoy the alone time or have pets. I feel that I am blessed to have come across a few dimes. That no matter how many times you have to cancel plans or reschedule they still seem to be understanding and don’t take you for granted. My good friend Donald, bless his heart, has always been by my side through tons of bad decisions and he has even yelled at me a few times. At the end of the day he tells me that he will be there to help me pick up the pieces. Trust and believe he did not get in easy. He was so set on trying to date me. I just friend-zoned him and told him that I needed him in my life forever.

No matter how many times I cancel he will always be the one true friend that has only truly wanted my company not what I can offer. LOL. I kind of went off on good ol’ Mr. Donald didn’t I? Well my kindness is constantly being taken advantage of in the dating and friendship worlds. Shoot, I think I am just a big ol’ anti social person now a days because I attract all kinds of life suckers.

For me to keep going everyday I need a purpose. I am sure everyone else has this in some form of way. It took me 32 years to figure out what purpose I had to get up everyday and attempt to make this day better than the last. I just want to live healthy, happy, and possibly put a smile on someone’s face. I want to be beautiful in my own eyes.

As far as the industry goes I have had a few good friends. I met Maseratixxx back in 2012 and have been friends with her since. She has always been like a little sister to me. I helped her become the beautiful, strong woman that she is today. We have traveled the world together shooting films and experiencing different walks of life. I definitely trust the girl with my life.

Getting Notty With Eva photo

This photo was taken while visiting New York City in June of this year. Maseratixxx and I headed out for lunch and drinks. 

As far as relationships go, they are hard to come by. It is not easy dating someone that is in porn. At first it’s always O.K. and then feelings get involved and it’s all of a sudden World War 5. Effecting your performance and making life difficult for everyone involved. There are a few couples that have made it through this and I tip my hat to them because they truly know what it means to stick with someone thru thick and thin.

I myself would love to just have one person to satisfy for the rest of my life. Maybe even a couple of kids. I think anything is possible, but having kids would change my world forever. I don’t think I would ever shoot again. Just never know until it happens. I honestly can’t see myself having any kids. Not sure why, but I think that if I was supposed to have kids I would have had them already.

Always and 4 Eva Notty


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  1. Very cool points of view! My mother always told me you may only have one good friend throughout your life, I have been fortunate to have a few. My wife is one of them, super cool short fiesty italian, she was my “donald”, I think she just wore me out with laughter.
    Keep on doing the type of shoots you are doing, the pictures you have posted on this site are “you”, I am a machinest by trade but my real gig is music, the whole band thing is a misrepresentation of the songs I write, playing the shit stripped down with an acoustic letthe songs breath, same with Eva not showing it all and leaving the imagination fill in the gaps, you are a stunning model and your selling point from a visual standpoint is natural beauty and symetry. leg length, hips that dont clash with shoulder width, flowing neck line, kind smile. keep up the positive attitude. life is short. take care, tk.

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