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Behind The Taps: Happy Hour

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Many of your local hotspots have a special of the night or even a happy hour, this is the perfect time to get your favorite drink for a steal. Drinking cheap is an awesome way to drink, but you must remember to still tip your bartender even while drinking on a budget.

It is important to remember that the bartender does not set the prices or make the rules.  However, the owner insists bartenders follow the prices and rules. The more you try to haggle with prices or complain about the policies the less likely you are to receive a drink on the bartender for your patronage. One of the most annoying things for a bartender is when a customer tries to get around the rules.

Many bars have credit card minimums; this is the amount you have to spend before cashing out the card. This can be a hard one to meet on a cheap night and if you don’t plan on meeting it bring some cash. The bartender does not want to break the rules for you because then they have to break it for the next person, which can land them in hot water with the management. The key here is to have fun drinking but also to drink smart.  Don’t be a pain in the bartender’s ass for no reason. If you don’t have cash and can’t reach the minimum with your purchase consider buying a shot or a drink for the person next to you. Not only will they appreciate it but so will your bartender.


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You can’t always plan ahead for that night of drinking.  So it is important to remember to be kind to your bartender and they will most often return the favor. Unless the bartender is an A-hole! Then pick a different bar where the bartender is more deserving.

Sandy34 asks: What do you do when you have a difficult customer?

Difficult customers come in a variety of flavors.  If a customer is too drunk and being obnoxious I will cut them off from drinking and ask them to go home. Generally this technique doesn’t go well.  The bar I work at has bouncers, so if things get too heated I can call over a bouncer to help remove the drunk A-hole!  I try very hard to gauge how drunk a person is getting so the situation doesn’t escalate to this point. However, on a really busy night I just don’t have time to analyze each customer properly. Everyone handles alcohol differently. I sometimes miss the too drunk mark. Sometimes its like a switch is flipped and the customer is suddenly just hammered.

Drink Recipe: The Flaming Amigo

Tequila of your choice (preferably a smoky one) poured into the bottom of a rocks glass (two shots), muddle in a cherry and an orange slice, throw in a dash of sugar or simple syrup (mix of half water half sugar). Fill glass with ice and shake the mixer, top off with soda water or sprite if you are looking for a sweeter taste.

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